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This is a little embarrassing, is not it?

  1. This is what happens, when I looking for my blog, on google... I write:
    zoffcatering, and then it goes on; This is a little embarrassing, is not it?
    Then I can search: zoffcatering, and it goes on my blog... I have chance my blogname from ; zoffcatering, to Z Off Catering, but i've done something wrong, cos I have to search for my new name blog Z Off Catering.. What do I do to make up with my problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your site is only 2 days old! It will be some time before search engines find your site. You don't yet have a lot of content for them to find. Just keep posting.

    For more information about getting more traffic (as well as being found by Google et al) take a look at my fellow volunteers excellent post:

  3. Okay.. But My blog is on google, but when I write zoffcatering, it puts you on my blog, but says "This is a little embarrassing, is not it?" And then I have to serch; zoffcatering, and then it puts me on my right blog.. You may try, so you can help me solve out my problem...

  4. This is what I see when putting in "zoffcatering" into Google:

    I don't see "This is a little embarrassing, is not it?"

    If I click on Google's suggestion "did you mean zoff catering?" nothing related to your site comes up. Lots of zoffs out there I see though.

    Can you take a screenshot?

  5. The reason you may be seeing this on Google is because your site is brand new and Google is pulling up the results from November 12. Since then it looks like you deleted the "Hello World" post (which would cause anyone clicking through from Google to return "This is embarrassing isn't it?"). If you've set up a static front page following these instructions, , you'll need to post something there.

    The rest of your site is set up to show only category pages by clicking on the Custom menu links.

  6. And also, anyone clicking on the title/header of your site to get to your site's homepage will also encounter the "This is embarrassing, isn't it?" post.

  7. good catch justjennifer…

  8. Hi 1 tess. I've made a screenshot, but sorry , I may be stupid, but i can not find the attachment buttom, så you can see it...

  9. Thanx for helping, I think the problems solves out.. :-))

  10. good then.

    If you have more questions, then feel free to ask here.


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