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This is how you upload pictures into your blog post - I figured it out myself

  1. With no instructions yet from WordPress, I have figured out how to get your pictures into your blog using the new "Media" method. It ain't easy, but why should things be easy when there is an impressive and complicated way?

    1) Be sure that you know which pictures you want to include in the same post ahead of time. List them in REVERSE order. Yes, you will move in the LAST (lowest down in your post) picture FIRST. That is very important.

    2) Go to the Edit Post page where you have already inserted your post text.

    3) Click on 'Add Media'.

    4) You get to the almost blank, white Insert Media page, (If you should get a page randomly filled with you own pictures, click on 'Upload Files')

    5) Click on 'Select Files' in the middle of the page.

    6) Find the first picture to upload in your own library and double click on it.

    7) You get to the Insert Media page, usually with many of your own pictures, and with the picture you just selecte being uploaded into the upper left corner for a few seconds. The same picture should also appear in the right side margin (if it does not, then click on the one in the upper left corner).

    8) Write what you want below the picture in the right margin (usually a caption).

    9) Click on 'Insert in post'.

    10) Now you are back to the Edit Post page. You see a piece of your selected picture. DRAG that picture down to its proper place - for me the end of the text preceding the intended place for the picture. Chances are that you may have to temporarily drop the picture somewhere halfway, and you should do so in a place that would not break up a paragraph to fit in - otherwise you wil have to repair the broken paragraph. You understand now why you should upload the last picture first: if you drop a picture during the dragging onto another picture it may replace that picture, and you don't want to invite that disaster. Finally your picture is located where you want it.

    11) Your page is now ready with the last picture in its correct place. Clich 'Upload' to upload it for the world to see. Don't feel embarrassed - you are too busy for that.

    12) You are now back on the Edit Post page for the same post, and you can circle back up to my item number (3) above in order to insert your next picture in the reverse sequence. And you click 'Upload' to release your post to the world with one more picture. Do this until all the pictures are in place where you want them. Your job is done!

    While you are using my clumsy method to upload your pictures, you should continue to search for WordPress' slick and elegant way to do the same thing. They will reveal it one day, but until then you and I have this workable method that will allow us to survive.

    Cheers, Clas

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can upload pictures, but in two cases they came in somehow compressed into a very small space (the size of 1/10th of a postage stamp). By comparing its HTML to that of any other picture, I noticed that the code contained the words "size full" which I took out, and then the picture appeared in its normal size.

  3. Sorry, my past 24 hours have been spent in frustration, figuring out how to get my pictures to where they should be - and I know nothing more.


  4. Sorry, my past 24 hours have been spent in frustration, figuring out how to get my pictures to where they should be - and I know nothing more.


  5. It happened again, but this time the pictures came in too large. In the code there was again that "size-full". I took that out and the picture came in just right.
    This was lucky.

  6. Yes, all of you with picture upload problems, just do what I told you here above, and it works!

  7. No, it does not. Pic will not even load.

  8. Which step in my list did you skip, twinsisterwendy?

  9. None. At step 7, pic will not appear.

  10. Did you do a double click on your own library picture, as I said in step 6? If you did, the uppermostleft picture spot will be blinking for s couple of seconds while it is loading, and voilĂ , there is the picture. Maybe the load process took longer for you, if your picture was enormous in size - mine are around 100 KB.

  11. I use my method above until WordPress comes up with an easier way.

  12. I just upload as normal and then when the image is in the post (it will appear at the top of the post no matter where your cursor is) just drag and drop the image to where you want it to be. Simple.

  13. katrinastonoff

    Hmm. Mine showed up where I wanted it in the text, but I cannot resize nor text wrap.

  14. Hooray, wonderful! WordPress reacted swiftly to all our screaming and hollering, and now the pictures go in where they belong in our blog text almost as easily as before this upheaval. Forget my method now - it was how I handled the panic situation, but now we have a new day. Thank you, WordPress!

  15. The problem is still there.

    Still, yesterday again twice and the day before yesterday, too, I had to fix the size of some picture by operating in its code this way:
    On the draft version click on the picture, click on "properties", click on "advanced settings", see lower part where it says CSS. If it says "alignnone size-full" delete "size full", and the problem disappears.

    I know nearly nothing about codes. I don't know what the underlying problem could be.

  16. I have happily been posting on my photo blog for some time now and recently went to reply to a comment , but all that's showing up now is the text and NONE of the photos on ANY of my posts .... does anybody know what's going on ? Why doesn't WordPress have a simpler system for getting problems resolved that going round and round in circles , clicking on likely sources, and then having to rely on other users in the forums , who may or may not have the solution?

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