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This is ridiculous!

  1. I started out with my blog at and paid for the upgrade to have the domain to redirect to the wordpress blog. I did not already own that domain name, and I signed up for it thinking I could move it to wherever I want. Well, now 4 days later and NO RESPONSE FROM SUPPORT, I am told I can't transfer it to for SIXTY days, and I can't even find a spot to cancel it (which doesn't guarantee I will get it back anyway when I go to register it somewhere else, according to because I'm not eligible for a refund because I haven't gotten and answer in FOUR DAYS! So it's not even letting me cancel.

    I made a simple mistake of registering that domain through and now it's ruining my business because I can't transfer. Can ANYONE help me with this? I have YET to hear back from support and I'm LIVID!

    I need this taken care of immediately.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Point the name servers to Godaddy - no need to transfer the domain name at all

  3. I haven't gotten and answer in FOUR DAYS!

    I don't see any previous threads under your ID.

  4. t - upgrades let you contact support directly but it is a first in first answered and if a new question is sent it seems the time gets reset to newest time

    PS - the 60 days on transfers is an internet fraud prevention feature - WordPress.COM has no control over that - all registrars have the same rules

  5. Someone told me I have to wait 60 days to point the name servers to godaddy as well... Not the case??

  6. Someone told me I have to wait 60 days to point the name servers to godaddy

    I would not listen to them again - you can change name servers any time - NO 60 day waiting period - you can change the name servers as fast as you can type actually - one of my domains I changed 3 times in 4 days I think - all within 5 days of buying the domain name (was doing some testing)

  7. Well thank you so much! I will give that a try...

  8. You be welcome

  9. You can change the destination of a domain. You have to wait 60 days before changing the company that manages your domain, that's all.

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