This is so goddamn frustrating

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    Pardon my French, but for a blogging service that prides itself on being free, I’ve sure as hell spent way too many man hours on this only to have nothing to show for it. I curse the person who wrote that “CSS is not very hard to learn”.

    It’s frustrating because I needed to finish this blog by Monday because of a legal case that will be getting some adequate press coverage this week.

    Here is my situation. I finally gave up on trying to make the header image larger on Cutline and Pressrow. I decided to go with Pressrow because it offered a little more height for the header image, something that was very important for me.

    But the problem I’m having now is with the title. I want to reduce the font size as well as make it more centered. I actually managed to do that.

    However, it came at the cost of losing the goddamn image. Now I’ve read where I’m supposed to type in the image URL when I mess with CSS, but when I did that, nothing came up.

    So what am I doing wrong? For the URL, I’m typing in the following because it is an image from my F drive: “F:\My Pictures\BiscayneArrest\Blog\proofs\Pressrow.jpg”

    Should I upload the photo to my photobucket account?

    As for the title, I would like to have the words “Photography is not a crime …”
    and directly below that, the words, “It is a First Amendment right.”

    But I guess that little adjustment is impossible. And yes, I did pay for the CSS upgrade, which as far as I’m concerned, is money wasted because I haven’t been able to do a damn thing I could not have done without the upgrade.

    Here is my blog and stylesheet.



    That is NOT the URL of your picture. That’s your problem.

    You need to go to the Write page and under the text box there is Uploads. Upload the photo there, then once it’s uploaded click Edit in the Upload box. That will show you the URL for the photo, its address in webspace. Copy that and put THAT in where the URL goes. As I said in the other thread, the F;etc stuff is just the address of the picture on your computer, not the URL of the picture in webspace.

    But yes, you can also upload it to your Photobucket account and use the URL of that. Either work fine, but Photobucket has been known to kill photos when you use too much bandwidth. WordPress won’t do that.



    Raincoaster, you rock. I knew what I was using didn’t seem like a URL, but I could not figure out how to upload the image until you explained it to me.

    So now I’m halfway there. More than halfway there.

    Now I would like to make adjustments in the title where I can have “photograph is not a crime” on top of “It is a First Amendment right”.

    I’ve managed to do it but only because I increased the size of the font, which appears too large in my opinion. I wonder if there is a way to do reduce the size of the font and still manage to separate the two lines.

    Thanks for your help.



    Thanks. I’m afraid I know zero about CSS, so I can’t help you there. If you seriously need your site to be press-ready by tomorrow, I would leave it. The chance of something else screwing up is just too high. CSS apparently isn’t hard, but like anything there’s a learning curve and starting with a really tight deadline is only gonna handicap you.

    As-is, I’d reduce the size of the font while keeping it relatively large (looks more impressive) but put a line break in there. I think that should work. </br>



    That should be <br/> and it needs to go in your blog title rather than the CSS (yes, those slashes are confusing).

    To change your header font size and the spacing between the lines, play around with the numbers in this code till you get something you like:

    h1 {font-size:36px;

    Hope that helps!

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