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This is SOOOOOOO Frustrating......

  1. How do I link a tab to a subdomain?

    I have tried the Menu option but that is about as clear as Mud. I tried that and the result is that I now have a deleted page and Menu that no longer exists that remain as the sole tab in lieu of the six pages that were in place before! I would post a screen grab of the result but as counter user friendly as this system is I have to upload the image to another location and link to that??? Defeats me...

    FRUSTRATED to say the least....

  2. You are in the wrong forum. The site linked to your username:
    is "Proudly powered by WordPress"

    Please be aware that there are two very different flavors of WordPress:

    You want to ask over at the wp.ORG forum:

  3. And yet again, getting passed from pillar to post. This wordpress joke is just too much. I have an issue I get told to go to .org i have another I get told to go to .com. Just an absolute farce.

    The initial question IS NOT IN RELATION TO THE DOMAIN SHOWN IN MY SIGNATURE. It is indeed one that relates to another site that is hosted by .com as I have a custom PageLines Themes running on it.

    All I am asking is how to link a tag to a subdomain, or do I net to go to .net for that?


  4. It is indeed one that relates to another site that is hosted by .com as I have a custom PageLines Themes running on it.

    Mark, we don't have a theme called PageLine here at

    If you would be so kind to provide us with the URL of the blog you are talking about, we can either answer your question or direct you to the right place.

    You are currently in a forum only for blogs hosted by and if you are hosted elsewhere, our answers will not apply to your situation.

  5. I am using WordPress, whether it's org, com, net, mobi or any other extension I'm sure the actions with which to achieve what I am trying to achieve are the same. Please don't suggest to me that you are not aware of people using custom themes with WordPress? The action of linking a tab is nothing to do with the theme but in the way that WordPress is constructed. A tab using WordPress 3.5.1 linked to a subdomain.

    My site is I wish to create a tab that links to a subdomain

    I have since recuperated the tabs after deleting all reference to the new tab and the Manu I set up.


  6. I meant WordPress 3.2.1 which I am running on Host Gator.

  7. Yes, you are using WordPress but, as it was explained before, this is the forum where users who have their blogs hosted at come to for assistance.

    You are hosting your blog, on your own server, therefor, you need to ask this at If you read the links provided above, you'll see the difference between the two platforms, and why you need to address your questions in the appropriate place.

    If you've been to the .org support forums, have you told them that you are hosting your own blog?

  8. What does it matter if I am hosting my own Blog? The mechanics of creating that link should not differ at all given I am using the WordPress foundation...

    I will never again promote the use of WordPress to anyone thinking of using it. This complete bag of spaghetti that is a division between self hosting and not is just too convenient for people to duck out of helping those who need it.

    I explained this issue yesterday to the forum at .org and was told to come here. Go figure....


  9. I know exactly how you feel. I took my car to the Avis depot and told them that it needed a service. They shown no interest whatsoever when they found out that it was not one of their cars. As you say it should not matter, the mechanics of servicing the car should be exactly the same

  10. @ken3d

    What does it matter if I am hosting my own Blog? blogs and installs run on different software. We Volunteers on this peer support forum do not provide support to those who have installs and our Moderator made that clear when she posted above.

    There are two different Wordpres support forums on two different domains where one can receive assistance that's specific to the software they are using. Please read this entry vs The Differences and then post to the correct support forum for your software > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

  11. Because five people have explained why we can not help, I'll close this thread.

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