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This is the 4th time I have emailed and still no response

  1. Hi I purchased the pro to upload my new blog template. I can see the money taken from my account on my statement. It's now 4 months later and still no one has responded to my email. It still says I need to purchase the PRO even though I already have. I can also not see an upload new theme button. PLEASE RESPOND
    Blog url:

  2. to upload my new blog template

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot upload third party themes or edit templates or themes.

    I have flagged this thread fo Staff attention.

  3. Hi , I have wordpress. ORG. I have bought the package for $99 in April and have been trying to get help since then. When I go to my WordPress. org I see no option to upload my own template and it still says want to upgrade...

  4. The $99 upgrade is for blogs. You mentioned that you have a installation, but that would be at hosting provider like Go Daddy or Bluehost. Who is your host? As timethief suggested above, is a good article with some more info.

  5. Unfortunately, having waited six months, you're not eligible for a refund. is a WordPress.COM blog. If that is not the blog you purchased the upgrade for, please give us a direct link to that blog.

  6. Hi

    I actually emailed WordPress within one hour and again the net day asking for a refund with no response.

    I changed the blog name today
    From piggywiggies
    To byemmalouise

  7. Hi jones

    Thanks for your comment. Ok I have not purchased a Hosting account for my WordPress. That is obviously where I have gone wrong! I purchased the pro for $99 thinking this activated the .org!

  8. If you're setting up a self-hosted WordPress installation for the first time, see if there's a WordCamp near you soon or a local meetup near you. Search at

  9. is a WordPress.COM blog. If that is not the blog you purchased the upgrade for, please give us a direct link to that blog.

  10. The one I purchased it for was

    I logged into that today and changed the blog name to by Emma Louise

  11. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    7. The final option presented on this screen allows you to discard your current address. This option will permanently disable the address and you will not be able to reuse it. Only select this option if you are sure you will not use the address again. If you want to redirect traffic to the new blog, you can keep the address and purchase the Site Redirect upgrade.

  12. Please give us a direct link to the blog in question, starting with http.

  13. The one below is what I change it to
    Is what the blog page used to be called

  14. What does it say on the Store page of that dashboard? Does the upgrade show there? What specific custom domain were you trying to add to it?

  15. I suggest you not buy any upgrades for sites that don't have any content. And if the other one had content, I hope you exported it and just haven't imported it yet, or you just deleted EVERYTHING you ever posted.

  16. On my wordpress store it says:

    WordPress value bundle $99. Click here to remove from cart. (i have already purchased this)

    It has a box saying " Add a domain $5"
    2. " Video Box $60"
    3. "Custom Design $30"

  17. The only Value Bundle transaction that I see on your account was for placed on April 17.

    Is that what you're referring.

  18. Yes, this was the $99 and I thought this meant I would have the .org! So how do I get the .org and upload my new theme?

  19. It doesn't mean that. You can't add a theme from somewhere else to a hosted blog. EVER.

  20. I understand that now! But what was the $99 for and why didn't anyone respond to me emails only 10 minutes later then an hour later to get a refund? Surely this isn't fair!?

  21. The $99 upgrade is for the full features that has to offer. has a few recommendations for hosting at but most the big guys all support WordPress and many offer "1 click" installation. Keep in mind the pros and cons of hosting your own site at

  22. @byemmalouise
    Setting all the 'awesomeness" of aside, it's of critical importance that new bloggers here understand that is in the business of selling upgrades. One needs to read the advertising jargon and comprehend that is no different than the advertising we mute on TV screens or toss into the recycle box when it's in printed form.

    No bundle of upgrades makes anyone a "pro" blogger and every day now we Volunteers are experiencing bloggers who are not astute when it comes to being able to see through advertising jargon.

    Sadly, you did not understand that and are completely separate. There's nothing that can be done for you now. :(

  23. Ok, So If I get a hosting package for the .org do I need to do anything on the wordpress side to give me the .org features?
    I can't even see a place to signup or login for .org? Clearly I am not the only one confused by the .com and .org as I have read many many forums where people are having difficulty.

  24. The bundles and individual upgrades sold here by here have nothing whatsoever to do with does not provide any upgrades that provide you with features on a free hosted blog.

    You go here and on the top right hand corner of the page you register a username account so you can post to their forums.

  25. Sorry. This is the link I meant to post

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