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This is wEiRd

  1. This thread should cover the weirdest thing happened to you today and it's supposed to be fun.

    To make a start, here's mine:
    I haven't updated my blog since October 13 and as you all know the stats started to free fall. However, today it went up to peak again for no particular reason aside to my brit dudette's regular visit. :)

    So, what's your story folks?

  2. I don't think that's wEiRd at all. I think it's obviously far more WeIrD.

  3. Psychic stats. It was recording a hit for every time I thought about visiting!

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that the stats acted weird on Oct 26 which was 13 days after my last post. I'm not someone who believes in any 13 crap so guess you're right on this. Mea culpa.

  5. Brit dudette calling :o It's that Alan thingy I told you about Baba [hey top secret]

  6. Ah, got it!

  7. wEiRd I used to have a spook when I was a kid, he/she/it used to walk up the stairs and open the door ajar and stand there, then he/she/it would go half way down stairs come back up and close the door then repeat for HOURS.

  8. Now that really is weired getledove!

  9. He/she/it got caught once, my uncle came home [he was staying for a couple of weeks] he was drunk and rushed for the loo-directly opposite my door, where he/she/it had been stood about 15 minutes, changing from leg to leg, and he/she/it didn't disappear quick enough. Now my uncle stood in a state of er distress outside the loo door which was ajar saying "hurry up I'm goona bust." I shouted "there's no-one in there" the next day my uncle says he saw someone run into the loo dressed in a white nightie.
    The spook didn't come back for a few years.

  10. It didn't come back for a few years and supposed to be forever because it wasn't physically real. It was simply a mind trick caused either by low frequency (infrasound) or fluctuated magnetic field inside your house.

  11. So all I needed to do was close the door each time the magnetic field opened it, dammit I hate getting out of bed once I'm all tucked up warm.

  12. You could always just devise some sort of pully system, so that you wouldn't have to get out of bed, or just prop something against the door.

    By the way, your "ghost" sounds like a right little pervert.

  13. I believe you gentledove!

    I'm not sure if I've experienced real ghostly activity, I'd just say they're night terrors, caused by my brain. But every now and then I will wake up and I can swear there is an awful man sitting on the end of my bed or standing over me and I scream and punch at him until he disappears.

  14. Well having said all, I've never enquired or been interested to know more-it actually runs counter to my beliefs, but it's there and that's that. @JW I did one time hurl my pillow at the door to slam it shut-then had to retrieve the pillow of course.

  15. So all I needed to do was close the door each time the magnetic field opened it, dammit I hate getting out of bed once I'm all tucked up warm.--gentledove.
    Lock the door, eh?

    Of course it's there and that's that because you're still having your brain left intact. ;)
    Next time you or anybody see "it" just close your external [5] senses to know whether or not this "thing" is real.

  16. wooooOOOOOoooo

  17. As I was walking up the stairs
    I saw a man who wasn't there
    he wasn't there again today
    I wish, I wish he would stay away
    Kingsley Amis

  18. Too much rum will cost you a ghost bump :P

  19. Too much rum will cost you a ghost bump:P


  20. pornstarbabylon

    Someone I know just started a WordPress.COM blog and is already asking for donations to keep it running. He said someone donated the server space and he needs funds to keep it going. All the comments have been "Wordpress is free". Now the server space is the semi-parked domain. He bought the domain and when you get there, it says "Contains adult material. Click YES to enter". I think he said he needs a new digital camera to take pictures, pay someone to help run the blog, and pay to get interviews.

    Remember when we all started our blogs and did it ourselves and paid for with our own money the features and whistles and bells we wanted?

  21. @ Baba, Tecky "hic"

  22. There's something weird about me today. I cooked.

    Chopped the potatoes, fried the eggs...

    Well, that's all.

  23. Now, THAT is wEiRd!

  24. Today I cooked again. Potatoes again. It's not weird anymore I think.

  25. you could shape them weird

  26. I posted 11 beatles vids Annnd suddenly now at the end of each clip you get a choice of 15 more vid clips to watch let's see now, thats 165 Beatles vid clips on my little bloggy THAT is pretty alright weird eh? they weren't there before..

  27. Ghost vids??

  28. I want yella to make me some pancakes! :-)

    Then we can watch ghost vids and lost episodes of ALF! :)

    It's too cold here for Beatles anymore. They've all gone to their yella submarine to drop some Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

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