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This one is for the Chocolate lovers

  1. Hi there! This one is especially for you Chocolate lovers out there....Just for the fun of it,can you share which is your favourite type of chocolate? I think I'll go first...
    My favourite is chocolate with almonds/hazelnuts and chocolates with coffee filling...YUMMY!!!:)
    Don't forget to check out today's Blogpost :LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES!
    Comments/Suggestions/Feedback warmly welcome!

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  2. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate. The purer the better.

  3. Thanks for sharing!....true...:)

  4. prettierinpink

    I'm with laavventura and I also like coffee fillings...

  5. What is laawentura?...have to try that one out!I share the crave for chocos with coffee fillings!:)

  6. prettierinpink

    Hahahaha I'm a dingbat, the old peepers are going, I was agreed with laavventura x

  7. I am the dingbat!!!LOL :)
    I thought that was some type of chocolate....laavventura is actually Jennifer.
    Blushing!!! Shamefaced XXX

  8. ahundredthingstodo

    You can't get much better then just plain ol' milk chocolate :)

  9. I taste pretty good covered in chocolate...I swear! ;)

  10. Stop pulling leg!!! ;) LOL...

  11. I will take the milk chocolate thank you!

  12. prettierinpink

    lol @ Sparkylaurie and Laavventura, you two are funny... x

  13. Well....laughter is the best medicine and I sure had a good dose today and am pretty sure u too did...prettier in pink !!! :)

  14. Nutella, obesity-inducing spread of the gods. 'nuff said.

  15. nutella on hot crumpets scrummy

  16. You are all vulgar and debased with your preferences for adulterated chocolate. Simple dark chocolate... the darker ther better... 87% is perfect!

  17. I like all chocolate!
    But I have to admit, I love dark chocolate, in whatever form or darkness. Especially dark chocolate digestives! :-)

  18. milk chocolate please!.

    strawberry or greentea chocolates good too :D

  19. ok... I do love greentea in chocolate

  20. The darker the better

  21. @habituatedbuddhist - Green tea in chocolate?!

    Dark isn't so bad, but I can't stand white chocolate.

    But I think I like Belgian chocolate over Swiss... :I such tough decisions!

  22. Argh!!! White chocolate IS NOT CHOCOLATE! Can't eat it!

  23. I KNOW, EH?
    *High fiveeeee*

  24. I love dark chocolate. Yummy, but white chocolate leaves me cold

  25. I adore Ferrero Rocher. It's like a lap-dance on my taste buds.

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