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"This page has insecure content."

  1. ethiopiaobservatory

    I received this warning from google: "This page has insecure content." It is asking me to contact WordPress to have a look at it!

    Blog url:

  2. Usually when we get a warning like that it's because we've hotlinked an image from an insecure site. Are you uploading all your images to instead? Have you linked to any iffy sites?

  3. I'm getting this warning too, every time i go on my Dashboard page. I'm using Google Chrome.

  4. ethiopiaobservatory

    i do not think I hotlinked (?) to anything unusual or that supposedly is insecure.

  5. I don't know if my problem is the same as the OP. This warning happens when i go onto the WP Dashboard stats from anywhere else on my blog, eg. from my home page, or my own Dashboard . I am using https. The notice says "This page has insecure content" and then i'm given a choice of two options "Don't load (Recommended)" and "Load anyway".

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