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This post is awesome... a question

  1. I don't use the "awesome" qualification too often, reserving it for the posts I do feel particularly happy with.

    But whenever I use it, I notice that it often doesn't "stick" - once I label the post as "awesome" and save it, if I edit it again it may or may not stay as such.

    Am I using it incorrectly, or is it supposed to be like that?

    Thank you...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    We Volunteers can't help with technical fixes; only Staff can. Please contact them

  3. You say you're "labeling" the post as "awesome." How, exactly, are you doing that?

  4. When you compose a post, right below the "publish it" there's a little square you can click for "this post is super-awesome"

  5. thanks, timethief... will do so

  6. I've never seen such a check box. Guess my posts can never be super-awesome! Is this a part of the "fun mode"?

    However, last night after posting what was my 500th post, I got an unexpected page that offered me "writing prompts" and told me about the "publicize" features. (I had such trouble getting FB to cooperate with the publicize feature, I gave that up quickly -- now if there's something I want posted to FB, I just use the "share" button, which is more versatile, anyway.) I hope that page doesn't start showing up every time I post -- I liked having it just default back to the post edit page.

  7. Hummmm..... I am not sure why you don't see it. Maybe it is part of the fun mode, but I don't remember setting anything up on a permanent basis

    interesting... I also have some issues with the Facebook publicizing feature - sometimes I don't bother with it, sometimes I do as you, and use the "share" button.

  8. What is the point of that "This post is super-awesome!" check box? What does it do?

  9. I believe it is somehow connected with activating "fun" mode and may perhaps be a way of trying to get featured on Freshly Pressed. However, I don have a definitive answer which is why I sent sallybr to Staff.

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