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"this post is super awesome"?

  1. What does the "this post is super awesome" button do?
    Blog url:

  2. Where are you seeing it?

  3. every post I write, it's in the publish section on the right hand side.

  4. It's a bragging link for those who cotton to it. It's part of the "Surprise Me" (Fun mode) box function and you can read about it here lol :D
    it used to produce a silly video but I don't know what it does now as I immediately disabled it.
    By unchecking the ___ Fun "surprise me" feature which was on by default I got rid of it all. See here >
    > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings
    Personal Options
    Fun ___ Surprise me. (Fun mode.)
    "Save Changes"

  5. If you like it then you may like the get instant feedback nanny too. If so you can enable it here > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings

  6. Thanks for the help, you're right I do enjoy the instant feedback. :P

  7. Really? I'm the opposite. That nannying annoyed me. I suppose that's because I'm self confident and very cynical. lol :D

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