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This product was purchased 4 days ago and so is not eligible.

  1. i set-up 4 days ago on here to try and make a selling site. I then set up a few bits on it and went on a break (holiday) thinking it was all good. when I got back 2day I realised I cannot access ftp and other bits and read on-line I should have used hostgator and set up wordpress through that. I'm now feel silly as I have paid for the year and am outside of the refund time and would like to know if there is a possible chance to sort that out. or will i have to accept my mistake and just remove it ?

    any if would be great

    thanks mark

    ps this is for
    Blog url:

  2. You may be beyond the refund period for the domain registration itself, but you can use the domain you registered with with your self-hosted WordPress site. Once you have your webhosting set up, you can change the DNS pointers following this Support Doc:

    After 60 days you can transfer the domain to another registrar if you choose to do so, but that will involve some additional expenses.

  3. Regardless, I will tag this for Staff assistance. Please be patient while they get back to you.

  4. Just take the domain name with you - if you cancel it you will need to wait 60 to 90 days to maybe get it back

  5. thanks so far for the quick responses :)

  6. Unfortunately, your domain has passed the 48-hour refund policy on registered domains. Please note that this is different from other upgrades and is stated during the purchase process.

    Canceling a domain after 2 days of purchase means you completely give up ownership of the domain. There is no guarantee the domain will become available to re-register after cancellation.

    You are welcome to keep your domain with us and update the nameservers to point to another hosting provider by following this guide:

    After 60 days from the date of purchase or registrant contact information change, you may also transfer your domain to another registrar.

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