This site is awful.

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    Did you intentionally seek to build the worst web site known to man? I am a web developer and if I rolled this out I would be fired. It is buggy. It is impossible to navigate; it is in short, awful.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Do you have a question? Is so please be specific about what you need.

    Keep in mind that most of us here in these community forums are volunteers and so have no input into the design of the platform. These forums are meant to provide technical assistance with using this platform.



    You’re a webdev and THIS is what you’ve come up with using

    Oh my.



    1. No wonder it is free. The lag is intolerable.

    2. Funny, you think I would develop a site using Word Press? I have been in this biz 20 years. The only reason I joined is so i could blog on CNN and it didn’t make any damn sense what to do. This site ins poorly constructed, difficult to navigate and you are a pimple-faced armature that can polish my balls.



    If you’ve been in this biz 20 years, why did you pick a theme based on an old Tumblr theme adapted to



    Wait: you mean you don’t even understand the difference between creating an account and creating a blog? Some dev you are.



    The bar gets lower every month



    Seriously. I bet he wanted to use the site to advertise his myspace themes.

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