this site is just getting slower and slower

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    I am finding this blog a complete nightmare to use. It is slow, unresponsive and is clumsy to use for photographs. I am adding them to a page for want of a better system but maybe there is a better way? Or would it be faster if i were paying for the blog?

    Does your new platform have some major issues??
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I too have been unable to get into my wordpress blog – just the loading circles – for the last three weeks – using google chrome doesn’t help. My business is going south fast!



    @nathanroberts777, your problem maybe that the images you are uploading are way bigger than needed:

    my browser says the origional uploaded image is: 2,960px × 2,304px
    but clicking on a thumbnail on your pages will only show at:
    scaled to 820px × 639px before zooming.

    try scaling your pictures down to have the size, maybe smaller before uploading.
    i never upload any image bigger than 1200px wide myself.
    this should speed up your uploading to



    typo: should say:
    ” try scaling your images to half the size….



    FWIW-I have a fairly fast connection (sometimes) and all your image galleries loaded quite fast for me.

    I agree with dlager that smaller images will upload faster, but more importantly it will also maximize your 3GB storage space and most importantly it will help your images remain clear because they are not being resized to fit your theme.

    So my suggestions if you are having problems loading the site or uploading to the site are to first try the troubleshooting tips on this page If you are still having trouble after that, then try the advanced troubleshooting to see if there is a problem with your connection.

    Also, make sure you are using an up-to-date browser. If you need to update then you can download one from this site

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