This site is not allowing me to email you a support question.

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    I am trying to send your support page a question as everything i’m trying to do keeps giving me error messages and even the support page is giving me an error message (with no explanation) when trying to send.. Please see my quarry below:

    I am trying to change my primary domain to the paid domain i purchased through WordPress in order to then link it to my SquareSpace. Currently my primary domain is the random wordpress one provided and I am trying to change it to the .ca domain I purchased. When I click to change the primary domain to the .ca it just gives me an error message saying it cannot do that. I have logged out and re-logged in and closed the browser etc. I’m extremely frustrated because wordpress was not accepting my DNS info to link the account to SquareSpace and then I realized it was because the primary domain is incorrect and now I cannot change it. What is the point of buying a domain if I cannot link it to another site by choice? HELP PLEASE

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    It’s no worries :) I’ve gone ahead and tagged this as Modlook so that staff could check your account, and help you with this further.

    You also may not want to create multiple support requests as this will just make things slow.



    Hi –

    It looks like you’re working on This site loads the SquareSpace page yet because it is not pointed to

    To point it to you’ll need to edit the name servers. Here is more information about that process:


    That is exactly what I’m trying to do. It will not allow me to change the severs, DNS or anything else to connect to square space. It will also not allow me to update this URL to be my primary WordPress account. As of now nothing is connected to square space at all. This is strictly me trying to change things on WordPress and it will not let me.

    Just to be clear:

    I’ve purchased the domain ‘’ through WordPress and am now trying to connect it to my Squarespace account as that will be the site/platform my site will be on. I have read all of the instructions and help pages on both sites and am following them but WordPress continues to give me error messages. I need help fixing this.


    Good morning –

    There’s a cname record in place that is connected to SquareSpace.

    What name servers has SquareSpace advised you to use? I’ll try them from my side.

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