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  1. It's officially 60 days since I took my blog public. IIRC it got 3 views on the first day and 13 during that first week. It's now approaching 5000 views and I'm both thrilled and humbled.Now I think I'm about ready to contact people I know about my blog.Leagues where I played and coached, my hometown, stuff like that.

    What I've done to date to promote my blog is paid attention to WordPress advice and especially here:

    Specifically, I joined Twitter. I post on other hockey blogs and always, always always, link them from my site when we cover similar topics. Two respected newspapers, The Orange County Register and Atlanta Journal Constitution have me to their blogrolls. A real journalist blogger, Jenelyn Russo even tweeted a link to my site today.

    Sucking up works too.

    Oh and tags are crucial. Duh@me. It seems I always forget and must go back and edit to add tags. But tags work. My fave team is the Anaheim Ducks. I do a quick hits bit called duck Eggs. Well I've had hits from some gourmet blog and whoever it is turns out to be a hockey fan, lol.

    Just wanted to share, from a newbie, some of the stuff the pro's around here tell ya, really works.

    More shameless promo, check out "Attack of the Hockey Mom's" for an example of how to use links.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ah jeez, "Attack of the Hockey Mom's" can be found here

    See, blogging is so easy, so forgiving even a cementheaded old hockey bum can do it ;)

  3. Thanks for posting. As much as I didn't want to do the Twitter (to keep my social accounts to a bare minimum), with your advice, I may just need to. If I want to generate some sort of traffic.
    All the best with your blog!

  4. @Brad
    Best wishes for effective social networking. I'm glad my post helped you. It can be a huge time suck unless you create a social networking time management strategy and stick to it.

  5. Moving to Showcase forum.

  6. @loiloo
    Tx :)

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