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This town is coming like a ghost town

  1. This town (to-own) is coming like a ghost town
    *pause for tumbleweed*
    (Waaaaa-wa-waaaaa, wah-wah-wah)
    This town (to-own) is coming like a ghost town...

    I'm just trying to amuse myself really, but can anyone else think of any other 'fitting' songs for this lonely long weekend? (That is, if anyone else is out there!)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dribblingpensioner

    i'm getting ready for the wedding ??? :)

  3. About time The Stranglers made a comeback!

  4. It could be worse > Ghost Town >

  5. all of us should get together and have a dinner party. something like this:


  6. I love that one! It never ceases to crack me right up. :)

  7. Look at it this way guys - blogs or no blogs, I'm waiting for a visa grant, we are on the precipice - and this 5 straight no business days is killing us! LOL We can't even get confirmation that paperwork sent in arrived! Plus all our banks have been closed as well over here. For five straight days!

  8. timethief - that's such a moving video and song. A much, much more mournful 'Ghost Town' than my quoted lyrics at the top.

    noirciplume - A fantastic idea (plus, I love that film). I call the wine-cooler drum! :)

  9. @dribblingpensioner are you going to pop out of the cake?

  10. Ugh. The Wedding. I know it's a big deal to a lot of people and I get it (sort of). What I don't get is Yahoo having a guest sign-in book to offer good wishes and advice for the happy couple. WTH?

    I was pretty darn interested in the jelly bean that looked like Kate Middleton, though. That is much more interesting than a wedding hurting an already faltering economy.

    Sorry, my Ugly American is showing. *blushes*

  11. dribblingpensioner

    @lifewith4cats, i'll be up at 6am to start watching :)

    @mmomfog, with the interest in the wedding it will bring £ million's into the British economy

  12. I'm sleeping at our office next to the Abbey seeing as the police are not letting anyone in after 6am. Although we have to get up early to be searched and sniffed by dogs.

    True about benefitting the economy. I've never seen so many tourists in the first few months of the year as there has been this year. Plus all the royal wedding tat that is on sale will benefit small businesses (plus China's manufacturing industry!).

  13. Oh. Well, I must be getting my news from unreliable sources?

    I read the retail end would certainly benefit but the extended holiday would hurt other small businesses and also that the cost of security to the government wasn't helpful.

    Interesting royal wedding products:

    Crown Jewels Condoms, Kiss Me Kate beer, Royal Wedding Sick Bags, and a side by side refrigerator/freezer plastered with their engagement photo (who would buy that?)

    The actual wedding takes place at around 5:30 am our time. Too early, but the DVR will be set.

    Good luck with the sniffing dogs!

  14. dribblingpensioner

    @ momfog, jewel's on condom's a bit uncomfortable to say the least :)

    go on, get up and watch it live and have a party.

  15. apparently 2 billion people will watch the wedding on Friday. that's crazy!

  16. dribblingpensioner

    i would say the final tally will be even more, if the american's etc would get out of their bed's there's another 5 - 10 million :)

  17. @momfog have you seen Papa John's William and Kate pizza for those who want a pizza of the action . . .

    Do I press 'submit' on this or not . . . .

  18. @dribblingpensioner I'll try, because you asked me to and I like you so much. I don't promise a party. Will a bleary-eyed and ratty-haired viewing suffice? I might have a hat and some frilly white gloves I could wear. Tea in lieu of coffee? Chai is all I've got on hand, though. :-)

  19. just a word of warning: don't watch the movie of Will and Kate that just came out.

  20. dribblingpensioner

    good momfog, i'll be up at 6am here to watch :)

    @noirciplume, i watched ten minute's of it, what a load of crap.

  21. today is definitely dead...spooky almost...

  22. I thought it was too - when I went to bed (my time) it was very quiet. That was my worse day of the whole period as far as hits go.

  23. dribblingpensioner

    i just checked it's my worst for 18 day's

  24. perhaps everyone turned into zombies during the week and will somehow will haunt the royal wedding :)

    I have been told that the end of the world is October 21, 2011 and apparently Judgement Day is next month all have been warned!

  25. A tumbleweed just rolled across my computer screen.

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