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    Iryn commented on 40 Years Later: 3 Lessons Roe v Wade Teaches Us.

    in response to T. E. Hanna:
    YESTERDAY MARKED THE 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Roe vs Wade decision to support the legalization of abortion. If you follow the Christian blogosphere, it was as if a bomb went off as the cry against abortion rights was echoed through the digital globe. The controversy was kindled yet again as Christians unified their voices […]

    Hanna, you are right – I believe the church is losing its focus and helping the devil to gain more grounds by taking on the position of clamouring over certain issues in the society we truly ought to be ashamed of and which should drive us to our knees for our generation to beg God for forgiveness and to reveal Himself to perpetrators of abortions instead of carrying ‘protest’ banners to condemned those who are already fallen! It is pathetic! And we so think that we are ‘brigade’ of Christ! How strange! The arm of flesh will always fail us!
    And truly, our shout is louder than our actions! Such ‘acts’ of help will be discussed in so-called committees and pushed under the carpet because of what men opinions are! I was discussion this with a pastor friend of mine about launching out to help such single suffering ladies in our societies and do you know what he said ‘Oh, no! No! We can not do that – doing that will encourage the younger ones in our midst! What a mind set! What about those who were ‘victims?!
    May God help our generation!

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    Really? A fourth thread?


    This is timethief logged in under my other username account. I’m confused. I am not clear on why you think posting multiple threads on the same issue will produce a different answer from Staff than the one you have already received. Perhaps you did not read it.

    Since they don’t have specific spam links or advertising in their comments, we can’t distinguish them from other comments. The only solution is to manage these comments like any other comments, approve, delete or mark as spam.

    You can also change the settings mentioned here to approve comments before published:




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