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    I have a 38.2 MB mp4 video that I have uploaded, and WordPress keeps telling me that it is being processed. I have actually tried to upload it multiple times, and all three times have been unsuccessful. Sometimes, it tells me it will take 5 or 10 minutes, and sometimes it doesn’t give me a time limit, but I uploaded one of the videos over twelve hours ago, so it should be processed by now. I don’t want to keep uploading the video because I’m cutting into my limits, so does anyone have a suggestion for something I’m doing doing wrong? This happened a few weeks ago with another video, but I joust let the issue go because I thought it was a glitch; now I’m thinking it’s a real problem.

    The blog I need help with is ibelieveinlovealfie.com.



    Are you using videopress? if so does this section help you? http://en.support.wordpress.com/videopress/


    Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I’m using video press, and I do exactly what the instructions say. After I drag and drop the file, I wait until the video is uploaded. Then, I either:

    1) click “Insert into Post”, and the shortcode gets inserted into my blog post, so it all looks correct while I’m editing. But when I update and view post, I get the big black box with the “your video is being processed” error, even 12 hours later. Or…

    2) I click on “Upload/Insert” to add media, then I go to my gallery or media library, and the “Insert Into Post” button and the shortcode is gone. The words “Preview and Insert Into Post” are visible and bolded at the bottom of the little box that shows the info for my video, but I can’t click on them to make anything happen. I only tried to use this option later, though, after I realized the first method of inserting just gave me a black box, and I was troubleshooting. I don’t know if my experience in this regard is typical or not, but my photos don’t work like this at all–it’s only my videos that are weird when I show them in my gallery. The photos all have the “Insert Into Post” button visible all the time, just as I would expect, so I can always go back and put them in any blog post.



    Both videos failed to upload. Would you please try again?


    Hmmmm… I don’t understand. I uploaded it again and waited a long time. It shows up in my gallery (actually three duplicative videos show up in my gallery), and I can see that it counts against my upload space because my percent goes down, but I’m still getting the same error.



    The upload is not being completed in the sense that it is missing the final step which sends it to our server for processing. This happens when the upload has completed.

    Would you please try a different browser just once, like Firefox or Chrome?


    If we can rule-out a browser-specific issue, that will give us more to go on.


    Oh, yes, I suspect it is a browser issue! Now that I think about, that might be the common link. I will try it now.



    Thanks, please let us know how it goes!


    Ok, I downloaded the most recent version of Chrome onto my iMac, and tried to upload the video again, but after about an hour, it’s still being processed. Is there any chance it just takes longer than an hour?

    I will keep an eye on it and update if it gets processed.



    This file didn’t work either, maybe there’s something wrong with the format.

    Please try opening the file in QuickTime, then select File -> Export to -> Web, then try uploading the resulting file.

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