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    This website is no (expletive deleted) good! I just spent HOURS posting things–and the this filthy rotten no-good for nothing site, is putting every thing in any old (expletive deleted) order it wants to!

    How the HECK can I post serial stories, if the stinking blog has a mind of its blinking own and posts things wherever the hell it (expletive deleted) feels like! It’s just TOTALLY RUINED my (expletive deleted) BLOG!!!!

    I HATE YOU WORDPRESS! It’s bad enough I’m sick, I don’t need this crap. You suck!!!

    IS THERE ANY (EXPLETIVE DELETED) BLOG OUT THERE THAT ACUTLLY (EXPETIVE DELETED) WORKS ANY MORE? Why have these stinking blogs if you can’t make them work right? Just quite and give up the ghost. WordPress totally sucks for wasting hours of my night–that I could have spent doing something else.

    I HATE YOU. Making a sick person work for nothing–well, I hope you’re never seriously ill, and that someone doesn’t do this to you—though it would be poetic justice.

    Don’t bother to answer this after Sunday, as I’m going offline. God! I hate my life..I can’t wait to die, than I don’t have to put up with this crap, any longer. Wasting my night I hate you for doing this to me–you could have posted something on your page about this…but I suppose i’m the only one left on the planet with any common sense.



    Is the blog linked to your username the one you’re talking about? Because I just had a look and I don’t think it’s a blog; I think you’re self-hosting it with software and if so, you’ll need to ask for help over at . We don’t have the kind of access here to be able to help you.

    If your blog is here, can you provide a link to it, and some more details of what’s going on? I found it difficult to work out what you meant from your post.




    If WordPress is some Singapore linked company, maybe you’d be sued for this. Hahahaha…

    Don’t hate your life. Frankly speaking, there may be billions of earthlings called human, but few will love you more than you yourself do. Love is a precious commodity, why hate?







    Dr. Whovian, it sounds like life has really dealt you a crappy hand, if the blog you’ve linked to in your profile is any indication. We can probably help you with whatever the *technology* problem is, if you’ll calm down and describe it.

    Personally, though, I’m more concerned about what you are saying here and on your old blog that indicates a lot of depression. I strongly suggest IRL you take time to talk to some folks and get what support you can.

    When you are feeling better, post what your issue is again here. You also reported a similar problem with Bloglines on your old blog, and that is making me think it might be something with your -computer- that is the problem.



    Ahahahaha, who came up with the tags?!



    is free what do you want


    it’s obvious that you are not having the best time in your life right now. i am truly sorry for that. but as you can see, outbursts don’t always get positive feedback in a support forum. maybe when you are feeling better you’d like to describe your problem a bit more in detail. we’d like to solve the problrm, you know!

    dear wordpressers,
    until then, let’s try not to say anything that might turn the situation worse for him. we all know how to be on our best behaviour, don’t we? :D



    Do we?

    I generally treat enraged strangers with condescension. As the people above have stated, we’re ready to help with any technological problem relating to Otherwise: rage is at least a positive step from despair, so things appear to be looking up.



    If someone threatens suicide, or talks about dying, that is not a time for taunting.



    I seconded membracid… from humanitarian grounds.
    Actually, why do people come online?
    Most of them just want an outburst or what…
    Life is hard, harder than IT problems.
    My 2cts.


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