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Those Global Maps Showing Where All the "Clicks" are Coming From.

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    So, there are these blog servers/platforms/companies that provide this feature whereby you, the blogger, can click on the little icon and see (something like) a Goggle Earth Map and little pinpoints where all the clicks/hits to your site have come from. You can view by day, x weeks, several months, something like that.

    I certainly like and appreciate WordPress' feature where you can see which of your pages were clicked and what search engine term lead this or that person to your site, but I'd REALLY like to know where in the country and where in the world these clicks and views are coming from.

    Dare I hold out any hope that such a feature will not be long in coming?

    Or, has this been an option from the get-go and I've just never seen how to access ti?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need the URL for your blog please starting with http://

  3. Here >Appearance Widgets > you will find the Platial Map Widget which lets you put together a sidebar map.

  4. We can also use third party visitor trackers like ClustrMaps which provides (free) the HTML that gives you a tiny map that you can place in a text widget. See the review, more information and examples here

  5. My URL is

    Of course, at the very top of this discussion topic one can see that this comes from member "letsjapan []"

    I'll check into what you've written (thank you) and see if I can decipher it and put it to use. We part time bloggers have an awful time (not saying it's your/wordpress' fault, it just is the way it is) with techno-jargon that y'all use hour-in and hour-out, but which make our eyes glaze over after about the 3rd word.

    Again, I'll look into this and, again, thank you.


  6. I just jumped through all the hoops to do that "Patial Widget" and that wasn't anything like what I was looking for.

    I'll check those other sites (like "ClusterMaps"), which look more promising.



  7. Gad!

    When I added that "ClustrMap" widget (jury's still out on how that'll work), my Subscribe by Email widget AND ALL MY SIDEBAR LINKS(!!!) were automatically deleted!

    Now it looks like I've got to got back and spend I don't know *how* long reconstituting my Page Links.


  8. G'day,
    I'm pretty sure that a clustrmap will suit your purpose. I stopped using clusrtmaps in 2007 as they just became to "messy" looking. feedjit also tells you which countries visitors are coming from but uses text to state the and not a map. if you'd like to see one in operation (it's a real time tracker) you can click my username and see it in my primary blog's sidebar.

    I guess you didn't know that when we post to this forum we are expected to provide a complete clickable link to the blog in question, or simply link our username to our blog. See this sticky post at the top of the forum #2 for how to do that

    Oh, right! I forgot to say you're welcome.

  9. When I added that "ClustrMap" widget (jury's still out on how that'll work),

    There is no need for a judge or jury. When it comes to clustrmaps there is no doubt about it they work well and have been used by many bloggers for years. They do take a little time to accumulate enough visitor data to display, so unless you have a never ending flow of traffic they will not have data to display immediately.

    my Subscribe by Email widget AND ALL MY SIDEBAR LINKS(!!!) were automatically deleted! </blockqyote>

    There's noting in the clustrmap that would cause that to happen, and no need to exaggerate as there is no "damage" done to the blog. It's easy to replace the widgets just go to > Appearance > Widgets and drop and drag the widgets you want back into place.

  10. Uh, I'm not "exaggerating".

    *Before* the ClustrMap Widget was installed I had an RSS Subscription Widget and Blogroll Links on my sidebar.

    *After* the ClusterMap Widget was installed they were both *wiped* from my Home Page sidebar. I've been able to re-install the Subscription thing, BUT, as I said:

    On my Dashboard, "Links" page, it shows that all my links/blogroll are up and running just fine, which is actually not true: they've been zapped from my Home Page sidebar and I don't know how to re-install them except to go "Add Link"-by-"Add Link", one-by-one and re-install them to my Home Page.


  11. Gosh I'm surprised that happened and hope your blog doesn't have technical problems. This is where widgets are installed on blogs >Appearance > Widgets

    To re-install your Links widget > Appearance > Widgets
    Locate the Links widget and drag and drop it into the place you want it to be, then click the arrow on the right hand corner of the widget to open it. Configure it choosing the display options your prefer. Click "save" and the click "Close". Refresh the page and then go to th front page of your blog to view it. Sidebar dtat is cached so it may take a few minutes before it displays.

    Illustrated instructions are found in the support documentation at this link

  12. Adding links to your blogroll doesn’t do anything for your readers unless you display them on your blog. To display them in your sidebar you need to add the Links Widget to your sidebar as I described above.

    Instructions for adding and/or deleting the Links themselves are found here in support documentation After the individual links have been entered the Links widget will display them as per your configuration of the widget described above. There's also a screencast that's helpful at this link

    I hope this helps you sort your problem.

  13. @letsjapan

    Let me ask if you had ever added a widget to your blog before adding the cluster map?
    "When you haven’t activated any widgets for your sidebar* (in Appearance>Widgets), each theme displays its own default set of sidebar items. "
    I'm suspecting that search, feed, recent entries and links were on your blog from the start?
    Just drag the widgets you want back into your sidebar.

  14. Here is a cached version of your blog:

    By viewing the source code you should be able to restore your links if they are actually gone.

  15. @Tess
    Wow! I thought I had covered all of that above and even provided the links to the illustrated instructions in the Support documentation.

    The solution is simple. Go here > Appearance > Widgets - select the widgets desired (Recent Posts and Links) - drag and drop them into the sidebar - click to open - configure and click "Save" and then "Close".

  16. .
    I did exactly as instructed to "install widgets". That's how the *got* installed, by me following the instructions per above and the "Appearance -> Widgets -> . . . " instructions.

    That's not the problem now: the problem is that when I installed the "ClustrMap" widget (sigh... per. the. instructions) my right-hand sidebar Links got zapped from said right-hand sidebar.

    @1tess I *did* "drag the widgets I want back into the sidebar. That's done. The ONLY issue now is that my links/blogroll got zapped from the sidebar AND, the insult to the injury is that when I go to my Dashboard "Links" page, it shows all my Links as if they're all up and running, when, in fact, they're not: they've been zapped-from, taken off of, sent into the cyber-ether from my Home Page.

    It looks like I shouldn't have futzed-around with adding that damn "ClustrMap" Widget because that was what started all this.

    It was a cluster-something, but not a cluster"map".


  17. Instructions for adding and/or deleting the Links themselves are found here in support documentation You say you see the Links on your Links page and that's great - no data has been lost.

    After the individual links have been entered the Links widget will display them as per your configuration of the Links widget.

  18. If you cannot drag and drop that Links widget into the sidebar box then you could be experiencing another type of difficulty. Does the Links widgets move when you try to drop and drag it into the sidebar or not?

  19. @1tess - thank you for that cached page. As I said, on the Dashboard "Links" page, they all still show up as if there's no problem and as if they're still right there on the Home Page, which, in fact, they are not. At any rate, it looks as though I'll have to go and Link-by-Link restore them (assuming they *are* restorable).

    I know how to put up Links, by the way. That's how they got put on my website/blog in the first place. Knowing how to do that is not the issue; the issue is the fact that by adding that ClustrMap Widget they and my other Widgets (Subscribe and Search) got zapped.

    I will try to manually restore, one-by-one, my Links. Crap. Like I said, I shouldn't have futzed around with that stupid ClustrMap thing in the first place, looks like.


  20. O.K., this is screwed up royally now: it's NOT letting me post Links/Blogroll anymore. And before I'm given the instructions for the 20,000th time (be well-meaning people, whom I thank for their well-meaningness), I know how to add a Link to the Home Page sidebar. As I've said several times: I'm frustrated that links that I had *already* put on my Home Page got zapped.

    I don't know if it's some software screw up with just my site, or if it's something that "ClusterMap" does. I'm going to delete (or at least try to delete) that freakin' "ClusterMap", see if THAT will let me restore my Links, and just chalk it up to a big, wasteful time-suck. And, will tell anyone and everyone not to use that "ClusterMap" crap.


  21. .
    Well, all restored now.

    I'm back to square one.

    I just wanted to see/have access to a world map to show me where my site's clicks were coming from - a standard feature with some other blog-hosting sites. I didn't really want to have such a thing as part of my Home Page (in all honesty), via a "Widget", but it looked like that was the only way to get such a thing, as opposed to just a clickable, Dashboard feature.

    Lesson learned.


    Thanks to those who gave advice and tried to assist. I appreciate it.


  22. I'm happy to see the Links widget is now displaying on your blog. I'm amazed at what happened in your case, because I have installed clustrmaps on numerous blogs over a period of 4 years and have never ever experienced what you did. Please accept my very best wishes for less stressful blogging in the future.

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