Thought my site has been indexed and ranks in Google, my blog does not. Help?

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    I own to blogs on On both of them I use Google authorship to nice effect and have set them up in similar ways. One of them is a pure blog ( which got indexed no problem. My more recent site – is the one I’m having problems with.

    Although Google picks the site up (okay, it’s not ranking highly for any keywords as it’s new) if I type in ‘thackeray copywriting’ for example, it doesn’t seem to be picking up ANY blog posts from the site. Even if I type in the title of one of my blog entries in quotation marks, nothing comes up.

    I’ve verified the site with webmaster tools, authorship is working with each post (checked with rich snippet tool), so why aren’t my blog entries being indexed at all, when the rest of the site seems to index fine?

    Type in “thackeray copywriting” and my site is there, authorship and all, but just no sign of my blog. I worry because, obviously, I’d like to use the blog to gain traffic and send out some keyword signals.

    Any help appreciated and forgive my naivety!


    The blog I need help with is


    PS. Apologies for the typo in the first line of my topic post. It’s late and I’ve been clackety-clacking on my keyboard all day! Any help appreciated.



    You have a static front page. That means that your blog can basically never outrank the Google rank of that single page. If you put your blog post page on the front, even temporarily, it will help Google find your posts.


    Thanks for the reply. Does that mean that my blog is relatively insignificant in terms of SEO then? Or will Google eventually pick up my blog entries?

    Obviously countless website open on to a static page but the whole site (including blog) still gets indexed. Apologies, my knowledge around hosting is sketchy.




    It means that your blog is seriously, seriously hampered in SEO terms. Yes, lots of sites open on static pages. A friend of mine switched from opening on a blog page to opening on a static page and dropped three hundred thousand places on Technorati instantly. It took him more than a year to regain a decent pagerank, and he never did get back to his previous level (he was one of the top 1000 sites).


    So, (and again, forgive my naivety), how do those sites with static home pages make use of their blog? Is there anything else I can do to make Google index http://www.thackeraycopywriting/category/blog?

    Or is the only answer to restructure the site to make the blog my homepage?

    Thanks for your help


    My posts page isn’t actually a ‘page’. It’s a category which I added to a menu. I then associate each entry with the same category and they appear here. But in my reading settings I don’t select a ‘posts’ page as the ‘blog’ page doesn’t exist. Does that make sense?

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