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Thoughts on Pagination?

  1. I'm presently transitioning a seriously huge html document from one of my old sites to my latest blog (yes, folks, it's another COM blog) ;)

    On the old site I split up the document into a number of pages (including bibliography and references) for ease of editing and here I could use the "next page" code to split it up, but that would only affect reading the document. The entire thing would still have to load in the editing window before I could edit it on the rare cases I would need to do so. Right now it's a huge pain just setting it up.

    Does anyone have any opinion, thought or suggestion on going one way or the other, not only in terms of editing, but search engine crawling, etc.? I'd really appreciate your input so I can decided on the best way to set it up the first time. TIA

  2. /smack forehead! " I can decided"? NOT!

  3. Seriously? No one willing to throw out some advice? :/

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