THousands of "account confirmations" received…most from WordPress

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    ANyone else receiving thousands of emailed “subscription COnfirmations in their inbox this morning> I subscribe to several lists thru WordPress and this morning had over 7000 emails “confirming” account information for everything from furniture refinishing to cyclists to “Android TV Reviews”. Many were in foreign languages and the “username was definitely not mine. Most were WordPress accounts, but many did not say they came directly from WordPress. Not sure if this is a case of someone hitting the wrong button, a hack of some sort it just a problem for me.



    Your email was likely released in a data hack, and now spammers are using that to try to sign up on other sites. Look for your email at There’s nothing can do, as they do not manage the sites you’re being subscribed to. Filtering emails for now would be your best bet.

    The sites may run the WordPress software, but they are not powered by and so unfortunately there’s not anything someone can do to fix that for you. As long as you don’t confirm the subscriptions, you won’t get further emails from those sites.



    Hi there,

    We’re aware of this issue and we’re working to block these spam followers. We cannot just block all emails, though, as that will also block many real people from following your sites, so this isn’t just a quick simple fix.

    I know this is incredibly annoying, but I also want to reassure you that there is no way these spam followers can put your site, your content or your private account data in any danger. It just increases the number of email notifications needs to send out for each new post, so if anything it’s an attempted attack on us trying to overload our email servers, not on your sites or accounts.

    You can remove the spam followers under My Sites > People, but that won’t prevent new follows from coming in. You might also consider temporarily disabling email notifications of new followers in your account settings until we manage to get these blocked. You’ll still see a notification each time in the admin bar, but at least you won’t have your inbox flooded with emails from fake subscriptions.

    Please don’t email these addresses back – another potential reason for this is that someone is fishing for emails which they can then use to try and spam directly, and emailing them back will only provide them with your personal email address – something they cannot get hold of by merely following your site.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.



    @fstat, it’s not that. Her email is being subscribed to other sites outside of She does not have a blog, and is not getting those fake subscribers.

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