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    Is there a way to edit your thread posts?

    If there isn’t, I highly suggest one to cut down on spammy, accidental comments. I’ve seen plenty of examples of this, like triple or quadruple posts made on accident.

    Posts in threads should be editable.

    If there’s a way to edit, though, please let me know. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    We cannot edit posts in the forums. We used to be able to but that privilege was abused so it was taken away. We have never been able to delete posts in the forum. Only staff can do that.



    @thesacredpath: thanks! Yeah, I sort of figured it must’ve been abused.


    You’re welcome, and yup, we just have to live with typos and link mess ups and just have to repost to correct them, and staff and the moderators have to deal with duplicate postings and such.

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