Threaded Comments, whats their purpose?

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    Hello all, I received a comment yesterday which asked “Why aren’t these comments threaded? ” after searching forum and other blogs there was no info on this, so if TT or anybody else would love to tell about threaded comments I would greatly appreciate it.

    P.S I’ve now went to Settings – Discussion – Enable threaded (nested) comments 6 levels deep :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Threaded comments allow your commenters to communicate and respond directly with each other in comment boxes that follow one another. If you do not thread comments and commenter number 10 for example wants to respond to something commenter number 2 said, without threaded comments, all the comments appear in a long unrelated strip and the questions answers and communication is lost. The opportunity for interaction between commenters is missing.


    Ok thanks for that info TT, now the level I’ve set it which happens to be 6 is that a good number to have it set at or perhaps a lower or higher number is needed?

    thanks again



    Sounds good and if your later find the comments are nested too deep to display well, then you can always change it later one and reduce it. :)

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