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Threat alert on my blog

  1. For the second time in recent weeks, there is a threat alert on my blog. Somebody cleared this for me last time so I don't know how. It says 'accessed file is infected'
    File name
    Threat name Exploit Redkit Exploit Kit (type 1952)
    This is a blog for my charity-it is very stressful for this to keep happening and I don't know why/ how to fix it and how to stop it in future.
    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you send us a screenshot of the page where you're seeing this?

  3. I don't know how! I can't even see any easy options for attaching a photo!

  4. Sigh-how do I post a photo please?

  5. Look at kardotim's link. The easiest way is to upload it to your media library and just post a link to it here

  6. Sorry-I'm being an idiot as I was reading on my phone! I see the screen shot instructions now but when I go to my blog now, the warning doesn't come up. Does that mean it's cleared itself maybe? I did take a photo last night which I have tried copying onto this post but can't. However, I had posted the details in the first post, if that helps?

  7. I am also trying to post a link but am having problems-normally there is an icon on these kinds of pages where you can browse teh photo library and post. I can't do it the other way-I'm trying! P.S I have also ben having problems on my laptop with the photo library.

  8. Was your blog flagged by Google Chrome? There have been a small but significant number of posts about blogs being incorrectly flagged as hosting malware by Chrome. I wonder if they had an issue and have now sorted it.

  9. Excuse typo's-annoying!

  10. Hi Tandava-I don't have Google Chrome so no... but last time it happened, it was reported to me only by those using Chrome. Is it possible for this one to clear itself as the warning didn't come up again earlier?

  11. Chrome periodically downloads a list of dangerous sites. Its quite possible that some sites were added by error, and that they corrected it later - clearing the problem.

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