threated or nested comments changing… what will happen if…

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    Hello WordPress Team and Community…

    Today I am experimenting with one of the hundreds other good wordpress themes. On my old theme I had the nested comment option active with a nested amount of 10 comments.

    On the template I am on right now, it seems that the width of the comments would be very small after 3 or 4 replies…

    Now I want for sure either deactivate the nested option or I want to decrease the amount of nested comments in the dash board.


    1. What will happen to nested comments made on my blog if I reduce nested option from let me say 10 to 4.

    2. What will happen to those comments if I deactivate nested option completely?

    3. Can I try out and go back and forth to see what I like more?… are nested comments saved anywhere on the server?

    Will I lose any comments?

    Anyone has an idea?

    The blog I need help with is

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