Threatening to close my blog down with Copyscape… again.

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    Someone (who I have talked about earlier this year) is threatening once again to close my blog via Copyscape. Now, before anyone jumps to conclusion, I would like to note that the content was not copied and shouldn’t be treated as such. This is something from inside a Disney-owned game (Clubpenguin) and Whogopenguin (the person threatening to close the blog) treats everything like it’s his own copyright. If I even contacted Clubpenguin they would tell you that it would not be considered copying.

    I would very much like it if someone with WordPress could protect my blog since this is so ridiculous.



    Hi there!

    What may be really going on?
    If you would elaborate?
    Closing down the blog is WordPress’ business, I doubt other people can do anything.
    So I don’t understand your concern.




    The concern is this silliness; allow me to explain the full details.

    Every week, Clubpenguin ( is updated for their players. Now, since the growth of Clubpenguin, we have had many fan-sites, and WordPress has been the most popular one to use (along with Blogger, Forumotion, etc). Every week I get on to update my blog with the news.

    Whogopenguin updated his site before I did, and I browsed his site, left a comment saying “Thanks for the pin (an item in the game) location!” I go to post about this and soon enough, I get comments that threaten the closing of the blog. I didn’t steal any content since it’s ALL CLUBPENGUIN’S, but he claims “he will close my blog without notice.”

    It’s very annoying after the hundredth time someone claims copyright on Clubpenguin’s work.



    Oh yes, and now I have to add “Found by Whogopenguin” at the top of my post- it’s stupidity.



    Hi Hellopayton!

    Alright… I have just read that article on both blogs which I believe has caused the issue.
    What you have don’t is not illegal, or infrign copyright.

    While you have used the pic, it’s for illustration on basis of rational perception… which is fair use. It’s something like you took Bill Gates’ pic from Bill Gate Times and ‘Hey! This uncle looks like XXX.’ Bill Gates is not coming after you claiming it’s his copyrights.

    This is only general advice based on the copyright laws I have read several years back. It might not apply to your country… you have to know ‘by right’ it’s like this, but there could be a ‘by left’.

    However, as a friendly concern, you may consider placing his/her link. There is no need to fight like this when you can be friends.

    Many (layman) people naturally claim copyrights if they see a copy of it in your blogs. But… It all depends. To people, Copy means Copy, Rights is ‘ALWAYS’ their Rights. But justice have two sides, not one. There must be a balance. Read my blog, you’d see that even customer cannot complain about money paid service!

    Unless stated, in this case, even the club’s logo can be used as long as you don’t claim to own or produce it. And do not ‘attack’ with the copy.

    Try to nicely explain this to the other party.




    Thanks for the support.

    I try to explain things nicely and not lose my cool, but when we have him saying “I am closing your blog without notice because you’re using something from a game and I am claiming an internet copyright on it” is ridiculous.



    How in the World would they get on your site and delete the blog?

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    From what I’ve seen Copyscape breaks all of the rules to close blogs. >.>



    Hi, Hellopayton!

    Not a problem. Many things in this world is ridiculous, read the case of my recent brush with Singapore’s traffic police. If they don’t listen, people are going to be very unhappy, but what else can we do?

    Just a point: There is in real no such thing as ‘internet copyright’. Not yet.

    Let me explain this point.

    Assuming people don’t blog because tech has advanced to the point that the brain wave can create 3D representative of yourself and act (in place of words) in the cyberspace. Now, this is highly to understand since we already have 3D world in some ‘environment’.

    Now what happen when you choose a 3D design using the environment’s software and create your own character? There is a high chance that a following member will bang into the design of character of an earlier member. By rigid (and nosensical) intepretation of laws,there will be fights over ‘copyrights’, but it is just ‘personalisation’.

    Can anyone say that is internet copyright? In real, there is no such things as internet laws for the world, for the world of cyberspace.

    Using this to illustrate, if this laws are upheld, then what happened when a 3D character representing you is ‘murdered’ by another angry netizen’s 3D character? Where is the law to kill your murderer ‘an eye for an eye’? You are dead, if you go by any valid laws… hahahaha… As I have said, there is no sense while importing real life laws to impose on part of virtual reality and say the other laws are invalid. What nosense is that?

    But if you really do so by import or applying real-life (or traditional) laws on cyberspace, that’s even a bigger nosense. No justice at all, so why do we need courts?

    Of course, the point is, nobody really owns the internet, and that’s because we have a simple UN charter when the ‘residents of cyberspace’ are sharing this (virtual) ‘land’.

    Besides, deleting your blog is wordpress’ business. I use ‘business’ because in reality, it depends on WordPress’ ideology. Now if I were to use $1m to lure wordpress to remove your blog… Will WordPress not hesitate saying No? But then again, you can create another blog with maybe a back up copy or a repeat. So it’s either I pay $1m again and again to close your blog or it’s pretty pointless.

    It’s not ‘using something from a game’ that is the point. It’s ‘how you use it’ which is the point.

    For instance, a Judge may himself took a picture and place it in his blog. Now, the picture may have the (copyright) of a Mercedes, the (copyright of design) of a new shopping mall, the (copyright of design) of various products laying on the streets and malls, and even the courts (when people bring in, such as T-shirts, shoes…), and of course, you may even have posters and newspapers and magazines all shot in. If he took not a picture but a video, songs may be heard! And that’s copyright as well. There was a company who has indeed so absurdly sued for home video with its song heard.

    So this judge could ‘infrign copyrights’ with just a harmless shot with the digital camera if he judge things that way. LOL~

    Saying this is helping merely to point out something.

    Courts around the world doesn’t have necessarily the expert brains to handle such cases. So you also need to know certain things and you have to watch out.




    Copyscape can’t shut your blog down. The only thing Copyscape can do is find text similar to yours so you know who might be stealing your work. Copyscape is not after your blog. No one can turn your blog off except WordPress or yourself. WordPress will give you notice… so don’t worry dude, everything’s cool.



    Hi there!

    About this Copyscape… I got this when I use it:
    Your search could not be completed, since the Google API did not respond to Copyscape’s requests.
    Please try again or come back later if this keeps happening. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    But when I use other bloggers’ site address, it’s ok. Why? Anyone knows why?

    What is Google API?


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