Threats towards my blog

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    I need help.Some group of hackers are threnthing to hack my blog.I personally dont no what to do.They sent alot of very racical emails scince I’m an American.And he says hes going to delete/ban my youtube,my penguin,my other blogs,and my piczo(witch I don’t use anymore),And death threats.I’m worried scince he says hes 22 or 23(I personally forget).Then he spammed my aim saying he was gonna hack my blog witch scared me.Any help here my blog is also have 2 of the “hackers” IP address.

    please dont say this is another drama ect because I play ClubPenguin.



    Don’t add any admins to your blog.

    Change your password.

    Change your e-mail password.

    Ignore idiots.


    Unless he’s a computer genius and knows that sort of thing, there’s no way of any hacking unless you make it easy for them. And don’t let them scare you because that’s what turns them on and makes them do what they do. And since your blog only has two posts and still new, get an account at Bloglines and subscribe to your own site feed. It will give you an archive of all your newer posts. And use a different password for all your accounts.


    Thanks so far the guy is using illegal software to hack.




    There is at least one CP “hacker” who pretends to befriend people under threat, offers protection, gets made admin, and then deletes the blogs. DO NOT MAKE ANYONE ELSE ADMIN of your blog.

    As far as I’m aware, absolutely not one Club Penguin blog at has been hacked by software. In every case of which I’m aware, it was somebody getting made admin.



    Beware of hackers. There are just too many of them nowadays. :)



    ppfffffft. This is certainly not worthy of the name.



    Anyone who claims to be a hacker, usually isn’t. Real hackers don’t advertise.



    Oh no more CP Hacker Drama
    happens at least once a month » [CP Hacker, Drama]


    maybe j paplebon tried to hack your blog, that gutless dickhead


    This isnt a drama.I would personally just like a key master to view this.



    Bubel IS staff. Do what he said.

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