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    I have been looking up at all the forums and cant find a working solution to customize my sandbox theme into three columns. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    What do you want in each of the three columns? Your theme has a main section and two widget areas. Do you want your widgets in two columns and posts in one or the other way around? What order do you want them positioned in?


    i would like a left sidebar with the first three widgets, the middle content the post page, and the right sidebar the rest of the widgets. So yes two columns with widgets on each side of the main content-post page. I tried css coding in several ways but each time I kept getting the main content to be flushed all the way to the left and cutting text off. I would however like to code it somehow so that the main post-content page (middle column) to be centered and the other two columns a width of 150px. Any suggestions?



    Try this. The last line just fixes an issue with the bullet points in your sidebars being chopped in half:

    #wrapper {position:relative;}
    div#container {width:630px; margin-left:165px; float:left;}
    div#content {width:100%; margin:0;}
    #primary, #secondary {width:150px; position:absolute;}
    #primary {left:0;}
    #secondary {right:0; margin-top:2em;}
    .sidebar ul ul {margin-left:1.5em;}

    yes that worked out great, thank you!


    ok just another question, I want to hide the sidebars from the static pages but not the home page a.k.a post page. I tried:

    .page #primary,#secondary {

    .page #content {
    width: 100%;

    and that works EXCEPT that it now only shows the primary sidebar on the left and not the secondary sidebar on the right, on the home page. Does anyone know why? Any CSS advise?



    Without check it looks like you need to set the .page class for both parts of the declaration like so:

    .page #primary, .page #secondary {visibility:hidden;}
    .page #content {width:100%;}

    simple solution thank you, I didn’t realize .page class was needed twice. I appreciate your time.

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