Three images in my media library just disappeared — why?

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    Visited site after routine update of right sidebar, noticed a file-not-found problem with an image in a post from a week ago, which had been fine earlier this morning. Checked out the post, the link is “OK”, in that it matches what it says in the media library, but — am getting a 404 file not found error from the link, and no image showing in the library. The cause cannot be action I’ve taken, as I’ve taken none related to this image — at least, not as far as I know! What’s going on???



    Experiencing the same thing.

    I have 19 images in my media library, and only 6 are showing today. I’d like to know if this is an issue WP is resolving or if I need to attempt to find a backup copy of the photos to reload them.



    And how about this one…In my media library I have many uploaded videos from @ 8 months ago (and prior) that no longer play, because WP has made changes in its video. So, I paid for the space upgrade, and now the videos don’t play. So now, since visitors still come to those posts, I’m having to upload new copies of those videos (costing more again). Nice, huh? I think there’s a legalese description of this consumer-provider situation.



    Just a brief update – appears to be fixed. All photos are back and I didn’t have to upload them again. Thanks!

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