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    Run this sports blog-

    1. I have around 10 blogs on my links list on the side bar. Is there anyway it can show an “updated” status when one of those blogs is updated? (much like how blogrolling enables us to do it)

    2. I have added the RSS feed from BBC sport on the side. Can I add one more RSS feed ? Or is only one allowed?

    3. One of the blog-listing sites in India is one called blogstreet. The site wont let me register there unless I add a picture with the link on the side bar. How do I do this?





    Answer for 2: If you go to your widgets page and scroll down you should see options for the number of RSS and Text widgets. To have a second RSS feed change the number from 1 to 2 and so on.

    Answer for 3: I can’t access Blogstreet at the moment. From memory it’s a simple HTML link. If you create a text widget and post the HTML code in there it should work.



    Also, you can add an image to your blogroll links. Just scroll down in the Links Manager (Blogroll Manager) and you will see the form for the image location.

    As for question one, if the theme has the feature, which I don’t think Themes do, then it will show the update. If not, use feeds.



    thanks! God bless you both :)



    could you give me suggestions for other blog sites like technorati where I can register? is there any point in registering on these sites?!


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