Three things to change in Cora Line now

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    Cutline was subtle and economic, Cora is not.

    1 – Remove the needless leading in bodytype and sidebar text – everything *looks* far too spacey, and is *wasteful*. And H2 headings are grossly over leaded.

    2 – Change the tacky Postit note yellow of the main sticky. A light grey tint would be cool. Or anything less tasteless. And reduce its fat borders so they don’t dominate the text like a corset.

    3 – Likewise, reduce the fat borders round photos which only diminish the images. The great benefit of Cutline was that images filled the full column width and allowed some of the biggest images available in WP themes. Now the photos themselves are needlessly shrunk and bounded by thick borders.

    Naff. Naff. Naff. That’s what Cora is. 9 Aug 2010.

    The blog I need help with is



    may I add a 4th point?

    4 – full posts in archive instead of “first line -> continue reading” or the option to switch to full and summary (for those who this doesn’t bother…)

    rip Cutline — I might add other points as I find them…



    continuing on ontheliners point two about the sticky post:

    -when freaking out last night I went to the ‘Customize CSS’ option in preview (I don’t have the upgrade but thanks WP for the preview option) and changed the background of the sticky to full white with just leaving a border/a bar above the sticky in its default color. I thought it looked really classy and didn’t denaturized the nature of a sticky.
    I dont know if this helps but here’s that little CSS thingie I did:


    .single .hentry {
    margin:0 0 1.7em;
    .sticky {
    .sticky .entry-meta {


    et voila! :)




    btw: Coraline is used on
    not the blog linked to my gravatar :)



    But surely , cristovaoverstraeten, if you haven’t bought the CSS upgrade you can’t save this change you propose in the Appearance index – it’s only viewable in preview. You can’t actually publish using it.

    What’s annoying when you “view post” before publishing in Coraline, is that it doesn’t give a full wysiwyg view – the sticky for example does not appear with the ghastly yellow background until you actually publish.



    @ontheliner: true but I forgot to mention that I do not have the css upgrade as for now I don’t have use for ot. It was something I just randomly tried in the Cutline madness and thought I’d share it for an example to change that sticky color for all wp users…


    I’d definitely like to see all of these changes, but most importantly, I’d like the post author to be listed along with the date the post was written (ie, at the top of the post, it would read “Posted by $AUTHOR on $DATE” or something like that). Is there any way that this can be implemented?


    The reason you do not see the yellow, is that the preview shows you the single-post page (what you get after clicking a title on the blog main page or a read more tag), not what will appear on the blog main page.



    Well, obviously wordpress does not want its templates to look truly good. Else they would not sell as many CSS Upgrades as they require.

    BTW: Why would I buy a CSS upgrade only to wait for an unannounced, unwanted, unnecessary and apparently destructive compulsory change to a different Template, as it has been done to Cutline users?


    Thanks for raising this here. I agree that the white image borders in Coraline are excessive.

    The white image borders have arbitrarily increased from c. 10 px in Cutline to c. 20 px in Coraline and it has altered (broken) the paragraphing in nearly all of my old posts.

    I have a support ticket still pending on this. I’ll let you know how this resolves.


    Just to say that Support responded earlier this week. They’ve now reduced the image border width in Coraline to more closely match the previous settings in Cutline. My lost paragraphing is restored.

    It’s good to see this resolved — many thanks !

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