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Three things you've done today

  1. :) Just curious :)

    Today I've:

    Had a driving lesson, had an epic panic because of a text I sent to the wrong person and I've worked on my website :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Had a poo, had my tea, had a shower.

    Unemployment has screwed me over yet again.

  3. Well at least your still regular!

  4. went to work, worked on my blog and went to the christkindlmarkt to dring some hot gl├╝hwein

    (christkindlmarkt is an Austrian tradition - a little christmas market with many different kind of stands - traditionally a hot alcoholic tea with cinnamon etc. is being drunk ;))

  5. Wrote, Read, Watched

  6. Christkindlmarkt sounds great, stefan. The rest of the world likes to copy christkindlmarkt in various cities...Toronto, Vancouver. I would love to go to some of the ones established for centuries in Germany.

    *I received a Christmas gift from my boss -- an panettone, an Italian Christmas cake
    *I worked on some year end data/charts to prepare our division's annual report. It's just the start.
    *I shared an annual restaurant luncheon with 10 other work colleagues. (I had lobster fettucine with tomato and asparagus. Then a fallen souffle chocolate cake shared with another person.)

    It was one of the more relaxed work days.

  7. I got so annoyed with junior high students that I skipped lunch just so I didn't have to go to the cafeteria with them, I read for an academic meet (which we lost), and I enjoyed time with the cutest little two-year-old ever created.

  8. Woke up, contemplated several ideas for how to get out of a 5-hour away wedding tomorrow, and checked my email.

  9. Today I sat three exams, failed one and im off out tonight :)!

  10. Got up, had a sandwich, went back to bed.

    Epic day was epic.

  11. 1. Muddled up posts.
    2. Muddled up editing of posts.
    3. Gave up and had a brew :)

  12. As it's now technically 'tomorrow', so far today I've tidied my room, lost my pen, and stalked the WP forums :D

  13. Written Posts, Hobbled around waiting for this foot to heal, pet my cat

  14. Ooooh it's tomorrow for me too! Well I was out, nearly cried when someone stood on my foot with their heel. I remember saying to my boyfriend's mate: "I genuinely want to cry!" Lolol. And ive woken up. A few times. Always sleep rubbish when I've been drinking. Oh number four! On my personal blog I wrote a post when I got in! Hahah.

  15. woke up Wrote and wrote some more, escorted friends to the airport, ate lunch

    @darkjaded what happened to your foot?

  16. 1. Woke up at 4am to see a friend off to the airport
    2. Slept some more
    3. Yawned

  17. kennethmarkhoover

    So far today I have:

    Listened to part of Cormac McCarthy's novel The Crossing.

    Had breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, V8 and coffee

    Posted on a forum the three things I did today, which posting on the forum itself was one of the three. :P

  18. I just woke up, but in that short amount of time I have:

    1. Eaten an oatmeal cookie (my sister baked some last night)
    2. Talked to my dad about a lost locomotive on the hill where we live
    3. Tweeted.

    Boring, I know.

  19. @Vee ahh, at some point I think I kicked a wall or something, whilst walking in a sleepy not quite awake daze... I hardly remember doing it, but I do seem to recall getting pissed at both an inanimate object of a sort (potentially a wall), and at myself for being such an A$$, lol

    Hmm... 3 things

    1) Pet that Cat again... But if you saw him, you'd understand... Right now I've covered him completely with a little blue blanket, as a way for him to have a cave, as well as a way to protect him from my constant petting which simply does not allow him to get his 16 plus hours of sleep a day

    2) Ate Breakfast - Hard Boiled Egg, Orange Juice, Half a Bagel with Cream Cheese

    3) Listening to My Last Breath (Evanescence) Right here... Right now

  20. I've actually done stuff today!

    Went XMas shopping, spent far too much, I could hear NatWest complaining every time my card was used!

    Had dinner at my girlfriends house with her parents.

    Wrapped presents!!

  21. Moved out of my house, cried a little, moved into my boyfriend's house.

    Curse you, over-emotional brain!

  22. I've complained about the cold.

    Gave my parents and grandma their xmas presents.

    I 100% know what my grandma gave me for xmas, even if it's wrapped.

  23. Ha, mine are starting to look the same all the time... I'm not sure if I should be depressed about it or not, lol

    There was cat petting, as with this cold weather, he's by me all the time

    Ate some decent Food

    Hobbled and Posted (I know that's 4)

    Yup pretty much the damn same, lol

  24. Went for 10 km. with dearie just after a lovely snowfall along a park path and into downtown.

    Had a pain au chocolate pastry. Lovely.

    Took photos of great outdoor metal art work installation of galloping horses.

  25. I cleaned up after last's night's celebrating and baked Chewy Bars and Blackberry Bars.

  26. went to church, made duct tape flower pens, and posted on my blog... (

  27. Went to my new job
    Had some soup :D

  28. Closed The Dark Globe Artist Awards Nominations, thank the Lord, more and more kept rollen in

    Woke up at 4am for the second day in a row, ugh

    About to get some Lunch, lol... Exciting stuff, ha

  29. Fell asleep at 8am

    Woke up at 8pm

    Angry with self that I've lost a day.

  30. Ate, wrote, took a quiz.

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