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Three things you've done today

  1. theinsanityaquarium

    1. Woke up
    2. Said 'Uuuugghh' a couple of times
    3. Had toast

  2. evillatenighttv

    1. Had breakfast.
    2. Watched Longmire
    3. Put all my Camera Raw tutorials into a VLC playlist to enjoy a day of education.

  3. 1. Completed the assignment.
    2. Renewed internet package.
    3. And visited the forums after 3 weeks.

  4. 1. drank 4 litres of water (so far... stupid water infection but i WILL beat you)
    2. skyped with my brother :)
    3. played Sims then nearly cried when my computer switched itself off and I realised I hadn't saved the game :(((

  5. thegrumpyitguy

    I put up the kids' pool and filled it.
    I relocated the kids' swing set.
    I had a fire to get rid of some drift wood. ...and a couple of old night stands...

  6. 1. Got up at 4:30 am, which is way to early.
    2. Worked on Accounts Payable & Receivable.
    3. Contemplated taking a nap when I get off work:)

  7. 1. paid of holiday accomodation! :D
    2. bought soup in case i run out of food on holiday....
    3. had blood tests

  8. Found out my car wouldn't start and Googled the problem, came up empty.

    Had the damned thing towed to the garage, whom I will not be able to pay for at least two weeks.

    Sat, actively hating, for a long time.

  9. 1) got an assignment from the Guardian

    2) got a haircut

    3) met up with an old friend and strategized world domination.

  10. Went to dentist
    Went to work
    Now at doctors with the youngest

  11. 1. went to tesco and begged the security people to let me use the toilet...
    2. used the toilet :P
    3. bought some crisps

    Clearly all done when 100% sober :)

  12. theinsanityaquarium

    1. Debated whether I was too sick to go to work
    2. Went to work
    3. Regretted going to work

  13. Uninstalled Backup Exec 2010 and upgraded to 2012
    Renewed Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security license.
    Drank copious amounts of coffee.

  14. silvermoonsandpaperchains

    1. Had coffee
    2. Wrote out blog posts for the next couple days
    3. Browsed Reddit

  15. 1. Reconciled Accounts.
    2. Wrote a blog post.
    3. Read blogs I follow.

  16. 1. finished my contracted work
    2. watered my plants in my deck garden
    3. started a new blog post

  17. 1. Worked nearly all day on opening my new blog
    2. Had a break for food a few times (even went to the loo, unlike Jack Bauer who never has a pee)
    3. Opened my new blog and am here to crow about it! (I must visit the showcase but will leave that til another day.)

  18. 1) got my Bootcamp workout done

    2) thanked all 159 people who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook

    3) Got taken out for birthday drinks and helped Canada's best bartender invent an awesome new drink.

  19. silvermoonsandpaperchains

    1. Contemplated shaving my legs
    2. Worked on the first chapter of my story
    3. Played Bejewled Blitz

  20. 1: overslept
    2: ate
    3: bored myself

    Productive day, haha!

  21. - The family and I (wife and two daughters, one of whom is in a car seat.) got dropped off at the garage to pick up the car that they've had for a week now.

    - Waited 40 minutes to find out the car wont be ready until mid day tomorrow.

    - Walked along a Major highway that didn't have sidewalks carrying the car seat, and the 3 year old while the wife walked with the 7 year old toward a place to eat while we waited to get picked up again.

  22. answered comments

    posted comments

    hurt (I've got lumbago. Ouch!)

  23. 1. Killed and plucked a chicken.
    2. Re-strained a permanent electric fence.
    3. Fed pigs.

  24. 1. Replied to the comments.
    2. Approved some strings and rejected so MANY.
    3. Humiliated a guy on a public forum :) .

  25. 1. Cycled to work.
    2. Spoke with a long-time friend (long distance) and made arrangements to meet.
    3. Spoke with a sister (long distance) and made arrangements to meet her on another day.

  26. 1. Waited for delivery of new washing machine
    2. Had machine installed
    3. Watched brand new washing machine flood the laundry

  27. 1. Dark Knight Rises tickets
    2. Roosevelt VS Hitler
    3. Laundry

  28. 1. Did some Blog
    2. Read some Narnia
    3. Watched TV

  29. 1. Had a peameal bacon sandwich at a market that I visit annually or so with my partner.
    2. Cycled and visited /photoed areas where I used to bike over 15 yrs. ago.
    3. Photographed some painted pianos placed as outdoor public art all over a downtown area.

  30. 1 checked on bro's condition (he's in ICU fighting for his life)
    2. spoke to family on phone and in emails
    3. wept

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