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Three things you've done today

  1. @TT - hugs.

    1. put various tags feeds into google reader and found some great blogs.

    2. Commented on those great blogs.

    3. Read.

  2. 1. Ate some Food

    2. Blogged

    3. Played Video Games

  3. 1 set up for a big cookout / birthday party for my girls.
    2 ate a ton of food
    3 drank beer like it was my job.

  4. 1. Picked up my perscription
    2. Danced down the street a little because no-one was watching
    3. Saw people watching and ran for the bus like a madman

  5. Tried to stick to my 'to do' list and failed.

    Tried to make sense of Twitter (which I've just joined) and er...

    Tried to keep cool (it's hot here. Wow!)

  6. Woke up at 1pm.

    Went to watch the Opening Ceremony Rehearsals for the olympics.

    Came back home at midnight, still in shock of the awesomeness.

  7. Played With my Dog


    Played Video Games

  8. Called In Sick.

    Went To Doctor.

    Stellar Blog Day.

  9. Cleaned my room, started a painting, stabbed my hand with a knife.

  10. @cindynach Ouch.

  11. Blogged a while, but only drafts

    Read some comics

    Ate a sandwich

  12. 1. Wrote an email to a potential employer.
    2. Blogged.
    3. Had farm-baked strawberry rhubarb pie and coffee with a friend :)

  13. 1. Blogged
    2. Watched Avengers
    3. Played with my dog

  14. 1. Binged on chocolate.
    2. Napped.
    3. Binged a bit more.

  15. 1. Had some Pizza
    2. Had some Vitamin Water
    3. Got ready to eat my Canolie

  16. Today I have:

    1. Blogged pictures of my new purple and blue hair!
    2. Gone to a Chicago photo shoot
    3. Spent waaayy to much time on Facebook given how beautiful it is outside

  17. 1. Went to work by bike is somewhere else temporarily.
    2. Attended a meeting with 2 others.
    3. Prepared an agenda and looked some files in preparation for another meeting tomorrow.

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