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Three Word Story

  1. This is a game where we all write a story, three words at a time.

    The rules are: You may not post more than once, there must be at least one post between your last post and your next. Three words only...

    I will start:

    The secret was...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. not what I...

  3. expected it to

  4. see on facebook...

  5. but when I

  6. took off my

  7. gold sequined pants

  8. I found that

  9. I had thrush

  10. 'Oh my God'

  11. someone help me!

  12. Then I remembered...

  13. I had something

  14. else to say

  15. turn yourself around

  16. and look into

  17. the medicine cabinet

  18. and grab the

  19. ointment for thrush.

  20. I managed to

  21. Trip over my

  22. husband's dead body.

  23. Oh well, He...

  24. was mean anyway

  25. Then I went

  26. to the aquarium

  27. dressed in my

  28. fake Hitler moustache

  29. invisiblemikey

    , which shocked the

  30. elderly banana vendor


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