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Three Word Story

  1. to watching TV

  2. with a large

  3. Cup of Sweet

  4. weeks old coffee

  5. the mould growing

  6. faster than a

  7. kelp in moist

  8. water, which scared

  9. the tar out

  10. of my bum

  11. Then I went

  12. messymusings05

    to the local

  13. Smarty Mart to

  14. get some advice

  15. from Santa Clause

  16. naughty or nice...

  17. Hopefully I've been

  18. messymusings05

    a good girl

  19. because if not.....

  20. I got a...

  21. old chocolate milk!

  22. messymusings05

    Then I went

  23. To Burger King

  24. and slipped on

  25. a burger because

  26. he dropped it

  27. in front of

  28. the hotdog stand

  29. and slipped on

  30. the ice that

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