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    when I set up a gallery, the thumbnail doesn’t not crop a portion of the actual image, but instead shows the entire image. How do I resolve this? I’m tried to adjust media settings, but nothing works. I would like all my thumbnails to be be the same size, but only show a cropped section of the bigger image.

    The blog I need help with is


    The thumbnail size is just a resizing of the original image. It does not crop the image. Would you really want wordpress to just arbitrarily cut a random 150px wide by whatever size chunk out of a 2000px wide image? A thumbnail, by definition is just a small copy of the original image.



    thumbnails are small versions of an image, that contain the entire image, there no cropping on the web site.

    A possible solution is to create two images on your computer with software the “actual” and the “cropped thumbnail.” and upload them both. you can remove or move your “actual image” to another page.

    When you upload your cropped images you can link them to your actual images in the Wp image uploader.

    The Downside to doing this, over just using the thumbnail generated WPs uploader is: that your “Actual Image” may lose some Search engine power by not being connected to the post or page.
    The other downside is it takes more time and work to do this, until you get the hang of it.
    —-just giving an option how to resolve is, along with the option of just using the shrunken image generated by the uploader.



    Sorry Sacredpath, didn’t see your post before I commented.

    Despite the Solution I gave, I would be in agreement (reading between the lines) that the smaller version thumbnail, is usually more desirable than a cropped image.


    No problem, and you added other dimensions to the discussion, which is always good.



    Thanks fellas.

    Dlager – I actually thought of creating two seperate issues, but that would def be time consuming.

    I guess for me, its a cleaner look when all the thumbnails are the same size.

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