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    My friends told me after they click on the the facebook like buttons on my posts and only the link appeared on their facebook feeds without any thumbnails of my photos appeared in the posts. I’ve just tried to hit the facebook like button myself and this is what’s happened:

    One post shows the WordPress logo as the thumbnail instead of my photo in the post, and another post doesn’t show any thumbnail… (I have got only 2 posts in my blog so far)

    Could you please help??

    FYR, the facebook like buttons in my posts were set up from the Setting> Sharing> Enabled Services> Facebook> Like Button. btw, when I tried to copy and paste the links of my posts on my facebook, the 1st photo of each posts does appeared as thumbnail!

    Thanks very much in advance!

    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is



    I tried to run the debugger from fb developers and somehow the thumbnails appeared under the previous liked posts! Not sure if it’s related or not. But even if yes, does it mean I have to run it everytime I write a new post??…



    It’s likely that Facebook had cached an earlier version. Running it through the debug/lint tool refreshes their cache so your older posts should be fine and newer posts should continue to work as expected when shared on Facebook.

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