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Thumbnail image doesn't show on share

  1. When I try to share a blog post on whatsapp it just show Title of post it doesn't show thumbnail image.

  2. amandasjackson

    Hello there,

    Can you please provide the site URL that you require help with? Thanks :)

    When you are sharing the blog post, are you using mobile or desktop? If you are using desktop it may be because of this.

    Also, I found this answer by @irfanquader, regarding the file size of the header image.

  3. @shrigajrajsinghiti
    The correct version of first link provided by @amandasjackson is below

    Please verify the links before you post the answer. I have updated the first link. However, second link seems to be a dead link. Could you please update the second link.

  4. amandasjackson

    @krutidugade my apologies

    @shrigajrajsinghiti, this was one of the answers I was attempting to link you to:

    The WhatsApp button will only work if you are viewing a site on a device that has WhatsApp installed. In other words, that button is intended to be used on mobile phone browsers, so people can easily share a post via the WhatsApp app on their phones.

    WhatsApp doesn't have a web interface like Facebook or Twitter, so you can't share to WhatsApp using the browser on your computer as your computer does not have a WhatsApp app installed.

    Found here:

    This is the other one by @irfanquader:

    if I kept the file size of my header image below 300 kb, it would show as a thumbnail on whatsapp

    . Found here:

  5. amandasjackson

    Thank you for the URL @shrigajrajsinghiti

    From that I can see that your site is not hosted here on, rather it is hosted with HostGator. The above suggestions may not necessarily help you out. You may be better served with your question over on or it may also be an issue with Jetpack,

    Hope this helps :)

  6. I am trying to share on mobile device

  7. anyway thank you for your reply

  8. Hi @shrigajrajsinghiti

    This forum is only dedicated to sites.
    If you'd like to know more about the difference between and, check the page linked below:

    As suggested by @amandasjackson you can try seeking help in forum :

    I searched a little about your issue and found a link that might be the solution to your problem. Follow the instructions given on link below:

    Don't apologize. We are all learning here. The aim is to help user. :)

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