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Thumbnail Image on Facebook Publicize feature is not showing Featured Image

  1. I have been using the Facebook Publicize feature for sometime now without any issues until one day most probably a month or two ago it stopped showing the Featured Image, instead it is grabbing the small thumbnails on my widget area instead of the real image from the post.

    My blog auto posts to but I stopped it now and manually post them everyday, the manual posts are working well and is getting the right thumbnail, but when I put it back again to Auto Publicize then it gets the widget images located on the right side of my blog page. Is this a bug? it does not happen on my other blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. wherewildpoppiesgrow

    I have this same problem! My blog was posting to Facebook fine and the feature image was always there, then about a month ago the feature image stopped showing up it and it uses the wordpress blavatar instead.

    I've disconnected and reconnected my accounts and it didn't help...

  3. Exactly the same here - anyone heard of a fix?

    This feature is key to my recommending as a platform for clients.

  4. Hello there,
    Searching forum threads reveals this is not a new issue and that it recurs every time Facebook makes a change, which is frequently.

    Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with this. When using Publicize, we have no control over the images that Facebook chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include. From:
    Read also:

  5. @wherewildpoppiesgrow
    Note that there is no blog linked to your username and in the future if you need support you need to either post the relevant blog URL or link it to your username. To link your primary blog to your username see here >

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