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    Hello. On the start page of my blog some thumbnail images in the second vertical frame aren’t displayed. Unfortunately I don’t know why. Could you help me? Thank you very much. Oliver

    The blog I need help with is



    I found another thread on this issue with your theme that says the photos are marked as Unattached in the media library. See:

    That might be the issue here as well. To attach those images, go to your media library from the dashboard, click on the “Unattached” tab at the top and attach any photos there to the correct post.

    If that doesn’t help, let us know.


    In the media library I have attached already the images to the correct post, but it doesn’t work. Some thumbnails of the post are grey and some thumbnails of the post will be shown correctly.
    If I click on one grey thumbnail, I get to the correct post. Are there any other suggestions?



    I’ll tag this for staff to follow up. Please be patient while waiting for their response, as it could take a while.



    Hey there,

    I would try rebuilding that post’s gallery by deleting the images and re-uploading them. That might cause the thumbnails to appear in the sidebar. Let me know if that helps. Good luck!

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