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    When I want to copy and paste the blog’s website onto our Museum’s Facebook page: it uses the blog’s icon/logo as the thumbnail rather than selecting a random image from the blog to use as the thumbnail. Every other time I’ve put the link to the blog ( on Facebook, it has given me the choice of, for example, choosing images 1 of 76 for the thumbnail.

    Is this just a matter of checking or un-checking a box?


    The blog I need help with is




    Not exactly. Previously, when I posted the link to the blog on Facebook, it has given me the option to use scroll through thumbnail images from any previous published post. However, now it’s only using the blog’s logo/icon.

    I guess I’m just curious as to why it started doing this out of the blue, when it worked wonderfully before?



    I see the same behavior in a test. When you try to share a page from a blog on Facebook, the page always displays the blavatar instead of the first embedded image like it does for posts. I’ll look into whether this is something we can change from our end or not.


    This should be fixed now, but Facebook has a very agressive cache. If you’re trying to add a page and the blavatar comes up when it should not, try checking the page URL with the following tool and then try adding the page to Facebook again after that.

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