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    Hi there

    I know this question has been asked a million times before. I have read the support document on uploading images and many forum questions on the same subject and I still can’t do it!!!!!!!!!

    I want a thumbnail in my post. I want the reader to be able to click on this thumbnail for a new window to open showing a larger version. I can get the new window to open but the picture won’t enlarge. If I fiddle around with the size % then this also changes the size of the picture in my post – I want the picture in the post to stay thumbnail size. If I choose the Medium or Large or Full Size option then this also alters the size of the picture in my post. What am I doing wrong?

    Here’s what I’ve been doing – it must have something to do with the way I’m uploading my images???

    1. In EDIT POST I select ADD AN IMAGE
    2. Click FROM COMPUTER tab
    3. Click SELECT FILE
    4. Select file named Freddies Place (Medium)…. this file is 800 x 600 and 94.7KB and is the size I would like the thumbnail to enlarge to.
    5. Click FILE URL because that’s what I’ve been reading in the forums
    6. Click THUMBNAIL size so that a thumbnail shows up in my post and not the full-sized 800 x 600 picture
    8. Then I click on the picture and click on the mountain icon
    9. Click LINK TO IMAGE (actually I’ve tried clicking CURRENT LINK as well coz there’s an address already in this box – makes no difference)
    10. Click on ADVANCED SETTINGS tab
    11. Click on ORIGINAL SIZE – but it doesn’t change – it stays at 150 width, 112 height – which I presume are the thumbnail dimensions
    12. Tick the OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW box
    13. Click UPDATE

    When I go to my blog, the picture is thumbnail sized. I click it and it opens a new window but is still thumbnail size. BOOOOOOOOO.

    What very obvious mistake am I making. I just can’t seem to get my head around it.

    Thanks for your patience and help.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have noticed in the ADVANCED SETTINGS that the Source is coming up as

    Should it have ?w=150?????

    Also the CSS Class: alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-152

    Is that ok?



    Hmmmm. I don’t know what I did right/wrong… but I went back into my page and now it is doing the right thing. Sighhhhhh. Just one of those days.



    I know what you mean… : l


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