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    Hi there dear people – I am using the Tanzaku theme which has a ‘linkforce’ feature that links post thumbnail images to the full version of each post. This is great if you want your short version post thumbnails on the home page to do that. But what if I wanted a post thumbnail to link to a specif page rather that a post?

    My first step was to set the ‘forcelink’ feature to ‘false’ so that thumbnails wouldn’t link to each post by default. The next logical step, so I thought, would be to click on the ‘edit post’ link beneath the short version of the post on the home page and then to simply hyperlink the post image in order to point it to the destination of my choice e.g. a static page within my website or in my specific case

    The thing is that the hyperlink only works in the full post view but not from the thumbnail image of the short version of a post on the home page.

    If the above is clear enough, I would be forever grateful for support and a possible fix for this. As an additional reference I have copied what I think is the relevant part of the ‘theme function’ code below;


    // check image link
    //$chk_imglink = ‘/(<a(?:.+?)rel=”(?:lightbox[^”]*?)”(?:[^>]*?)>)’. preg_quote($matches2[0], ‘/’) .’/’;
    $chk_imglink = ‘/(<a(?:.+?)href=”(?:.+?\.(?:jpe?g|png|gif))”(?:[^>]*?)>)’. preg_quote($matches2[0], ‘/’) .’/’;
    if ($flg_img_forcelink) {
    $grid_img = ‘post_title) . ‘”>’ . $grid_img . ‘‘;
    else if ( preg_match($chk_imglink, $content, $matches3) ) {
    $grid_img = $matches3[1] . $grid_img . ”;


    Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Your help is muchly appreciated!!




    Hi there, you have reached the support forums for the free blogs at Please post your question on the support forums. Thank you!

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