thumbnail on page to full size when clicked on = how & where?!

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    since the new set up my thumbnails no linger automatically enlarge when clicked on.
    what do i need to click on after ive uploaded the image and selected thumbnail?
    oh and my tags and categories that belong to posts doesn’t showup on right hand side under the publishview block!
    its quite serious as i can not use tags or catergores for new posts as there is no window to put them in
    oh hells bells!
    but first
    the thumbnail click to elarged thing magic button select pls!

    The blog I need help with is


    1. You should have searched the forum, as your question has been answered countless times since the implementation of 2.7. After uploading, you now need to click “File URL” before inserting the image. And you only have to do this once: the uploader will then remember your preference (till you change it to a different one).

    For the images you have already uploaded, go to the visual post editor, click on the image, click the mountain icon, click “Link to image”, click Update.

    2. You mean in the post editor screen? If you can’t see the modules, click “Screen Options” and make sure “Categories” and “Post Tags” are selected.



    thanx a billion
    you’re a darling
    and ever so clever to boot!

    i did do a search first but wasn’t getting anywhere – endless posts which had nothing to do with resolving my image issue

    time is short & was only getting more and more frustrated

    but jolly decent of you to take the time to resolve my questions



    You’re welcome. Sorry for the remark, but we cannot know if someone has searched the forum before asking a question, and many people never bother to do that, so we have to point it out…

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