Thumbnail photos don’t enlarge when clicked

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    I’ve not posted here before so I hope someone can help. I’m not very technically minded, but I have looked in the FAQ’s and recent posts but can’t spot anything fitting. I may also just be doing something wrong! If so sorry…

    I have been writting my blog for almost a yr and have always used thumbnail photos and have always just added the photo, pressed centre and then thumbnail. This has always added the picture, but then people can press that photo and it enlarges for them. (I use thumbnails because my readers – the grandparents are all on antiquated dial up!!lol) Since Aug 20th it doesn’t enlarge them any more. I have noticed that they box for adding photos has changed slightly but my error has started after that so I don’t *think* it is related, but not positive. Also may be connected but not really a problem just inconvenient..I can’t seem to add two photos side by side any more. I’m doing what I always did but that doesn’t rule out user error lol!

    Thanks in advance for any help and my blog is incase you need it to have a look. Apologies for the fact it is very boring to anyone who doesn’t know me!!!




    There’s a whole load of posts on this issue recently. WordPress has changed how images are uploaded (without telling, as usual). By default, thumbnails are no longer clickable. To change this you need to go to Settings > Media and select the appropriate settings (select File URL for Image Links). That will take care of future uploads. For the posts with the “error” you need to manually edit the image settings for every image in the posts in question.



    Wow THANK YOU sooooo much that has worked! And an added bonus I have realised I can set it so it always does centre and thumbnail! I told you I wasn’t technically minded!!! Ditto this for the fact I couldn’t find any other posts on this d’oh!!!
    I really wish I understood it all better but everytime I try to change my settings or customise my blog it all goes wrong or nothing happens! Maybe one day I’ll understand it all.

    Anyway, thanks for the response and so quickly too.


    @byrney: You may have been unable to find other relevant threads on this, but you were very quick in realizing what the great advantage of the new media settings is!

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