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Thumbnails disappeared

  1. I posted to my WordPress blog this morning and included 4 thumbnails of photos.
    Everything seemed fine when I checked it a few times.
    This afternoon I view my site and all I have is 4 placeholders!

  2. They're back!

  3. I added another photo a few hours ago. It seemed fine.
    I took a look at my blog just now and guess what? - just a placeholder.
    I expect it'll reappear soon but why is it happening?

  4. excuse me

  5. I see them fine in this post. Might help us help you if you mentioned specifically which posts they weren't appearing in.

  6. Sorry:-
    And, yes, my most recent photo is now appearing properly.
    What I don't know is if visitors would have seen the same as me.

  7. I saw them fine this afternoon twice on my firefox (1.05.6) browser and I see them fine again tonight. Your visitors could have a variety of different browsers and unless you have a variety of browsers yourself or know other people who do and who are willing to test the site for you - you will not know how they display.

  8. Actually I think it may be a load balancing issue more than anything.

    Although more folks would be raising the issue if it was. It does occasional come up from time to time but not in any amount that I would be troubled over. I know sometimes when I view a website, I get graphics as red x's. Usually a simple crtl-f5 reloads everything, including the missing graphics.

    Gotta admit that I'm at a loss on this one. I'd send in a feedback with a pointer to this thread but I'm tempted to chalk this one up to either a cache issue within your browser when it thinks the pictures are already cached or a fluke of the internet.

  9. OK Thanks Mike.
    I'll assume, as you suggest, it was just one of those IT things (having worked with IT for 25 years, I've known worse!) and not a problem expected to keep happening.

  10. I've just had a similar problem (Firefox on Mac OS 10.4.6).

    While working on a draft post, I noticed two out of three images had placeholders. When I checked the photos, they came up with No Thumbnails.

    I deleted the photos, uploaded them again and everything seemed fine so I published the post. Now two out of three photos had placeholders, but not the same ones.

    I went back to edit the post and all the thumbnails were present, so I saved and viewed the home page again. Now, all the images had placeholders.

    When I checked the blog using Safari (2.0.3), all but one of the thumbnails were present and correct while the fourth had a placeholder.

    So, I'm just leaving it until tomorrow!

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